No More Tia & Tamera Mowry

So I’m kind of in my feelings over the announcement that my favorite celebrity twin sisters will not be renewing their Style Network E! (at this point I have no idea who owns the shit) reality series, “Tia & Tamera”.

I’m feeling used as fan, why? you may ask. Well honestly I’m not interested in that tv show “Instant mom” and I work a 9 to 5 and even if I didn’t I doubt if I’d be tuning in for the semi-obnoxious daytime talk show that Tamera is co-hosting. I enjoyed the inside look into the twins lives as women, mothers and wives. So the announcement is here and we the fans have to just deal.

I honestly don’t think its cool, they peddled yoga dvd’s,  lactation jizz, and stretch mark cream and leave us with nothing. Not a thank you for being great fans and supporting us (or at least some free dvd’s, lactation jizz or stretch mark cream, ijs), just some lame ass justification of not wanting to allow anything negative to come into their lives any longer and for us the fans to do the same.

Say word? Isn’t that part of being a celebrity? Taking the good with the bad? The world isn’t pleasant 24/7, sorry your little bubble was burst and you all had an epiphany on something everyone else in the world already knew. I call bullshit! Now that they don’t need the reality show they get rid of it. I mean come on it’s all very convenient if you ask me. Now that the both of you have gigs that seem to be very stable, I get it a steady check that’s the shit I can dig it. But spare me the lies and bullshit. Negativity existed before you decided to share your world via reality tv, I mean keep it real it’s an insult to fans when you give such a whack ass excuse for not wanting to do the show anymore.

As long as the world turns people will have opinions about you, your family and how you do your job, etc., (especially in the case of celebrity) it just seems like weak sauce to me. Either quit your jobs and do what us normal people do or suck that shit up and entertain me! Mind you actors/actresses and almost every other entertainer in the world with the exception of athletes do shit that entertain people, if we cease to be entertained they will cease to be employed.

I can’t wait for the day when celebrities stop treating their fans/supporters as means to an end and actually come to the realization that without US the fans they wouldn’t be shit. But hey I’m just another asshole with an opinion…

And with all of that said WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Bitch ain’t EZ!