Justin Timberlake is My BFF


This is what I tell myself after the most vivid dream I’ve ever had the pleasure of having.

A few weeks ago for some odd reason my brain decided to use my imagination in a really odd and entertaining way. Given I am a fan of Justin Timberlake’s music (and some of his acting), but as far as Justin Timberlake the man I don’t have a real opinion about him because… ding ding ding you guessed it I don’t know him personally.

In this dream my husband who is an awesome musician (in case Justin ever reads this post, wishful thinking) was brought on as drummer for the 20/20 Experience Tour. After the show my husband brought me out on stage to meet Mr. Timberlake, I expressed to him  how I thought he was a really dope artist, he replied “what do you mean artist”, my reply was “I don’t know you as a person, all I know of you is your music and I think its pretty dope”. For some odd reason this statement was intriguing to him and Justin and I started to discuss our views on music and life.

After having this conversation to my surprise Justin expressed his feeling that we were “kindred souls”. This in turn sparked an immediate friendship between Mr. Timberlake and myself. While on the road on the east coast touring my husband would invite me to shows and Justin and I would continue our banter and conversation to the point where I was so familiarized with him that he’d invite me to the studio where we’d again discuss music and life.

This didn’t sit well with my husband or Mrs. Justin Timberlake, because we’d spend hours talking on the phone or at the studio together. This was purely a plutonic friendship, no sexual chemistry, no flirting, NOTHING. We really just got on well with one another, of course our spouses could care less that we expressed this relationship as being purely of the innocent nature and banned us from interacting with each other.  Of course we didn’t listen because we found it ridiculous and continued our friendship in secret, until one day while leaving the studio paparazzi got wind of Justin being in the area and began to take pictures of us.

Headlines read “JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND MISTERY WOMAN EXIT STUDIO”, of course you can imagine the disdain our spouses felt (mind you my husband is still playing for Justin while all of this is going on) We don’t understand why people are going to such great lengths to make our friendship into some kind of romantic secret. At this point we decided the best thing to do is to part ways as friends as much as it hurt the both of us. I had become Justin’s muse and helped influence his music greatly. He wrote one of the greatest songs of his career based on our friendship, sitting atop Billboards Top 100 list for 15 weeks.

This of course piqued the interest of other celebrities who wondered, exactly who is this girl? I would get phone calls from Jay-z and Kanye West wanting to talk to me about music and so on. Of course I was not interested because I wasn’t interested in fame and fortune I found a true friend in Justin. So the song made things worse in both of our marriages, but had done wonders for Justin’s career Oprah Winfrey interviewed him and of course our relationship came up and he expressed that I was just a dope ass person who saw the world and expressed my opinions in such a way that made him have to get to know me better. Oprah couldn’t believe it was just that simple, but it was. At this point Mrs. Timberlake tried to seduce my husband which lead me to almost put my foot in her ass.  Justin and I never spoke again but the song said it all I was his muse, his homie, his BFF…and then I woke up.

I explained this dream to my husband who thought I was insane and extremely hilarious, by far this man doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body. But the one thing he took from the dream was and I quote “I know one thing for sure from this dream…you think very highly of yourself”. 

What can I say I’m fucking AWESOME, you would want to be my BFF too…