I’m pretty sure by now mostly everyone has witnessed the ignorance and immaturity that is “our” congress.

The President presented his sixth State of the Union address last night (January 20, 2015), where he reiterated his plans for the next two years which included proposals for taxes, education, foreign policy, climate change, technology etc., my problem was not with the context of the address my problem is and will always be with this “great” nations political representatives. Politics in America is comparable to the mean bitchie “cool” girls in high school, for some reason the students look to these bitches for guidance when they are undeserving of any real acknowledgment other than to slap their asses into the real world, but I digress.

The job of the elected officials is to represent the people and ensure that our government is working in a way that best suites the basic needs of all. No government is perfect and last nights “show” of disrespect to our nations leader proved further that the United States of America has a bunch of immature babies at the helm. (I’m not going to clap because I’m a republican even though what the President is saying makes complete sense to me.) The separation between the democrats and the republicans is disgusting and further proves that our “great” nation is incapable of coming together for the greater good of the people. When or better yet has it EVER been about what’s best for the people?

A utopian society isn’t what I’m asking for, I’m hoping that I can witness in my lifetime our nations representative collectively coming together for the greater good of the people and not for greater good of themselves.

Maybe that’s asking too much…