One Sided Relationship/Friendships


Have you ever had the feeling or been told inadvertently that you don’t matter as much as you thought you mattered? Yeah that happened to me a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with someone I thought considered me family and/or a friend, but the person unconsciously let me know I basically wasn’t shit, but a listening ear. I’m not mad, and honestly it doesn’t change my feelings towards the person. I can’t stop feeling the way I feel just because someone else doesn’t feel the same way. I personally consider this person family, but it’s obvious to me now that this person doesn’t really consider me family.

Hey it’s cool, I’m learning that just because people say you’re family doesn’t necessarily mean that they feel in their heart that you are indeed family. I get it, but I wish people would say what they mean and mean what they say. I’m not a mind reader and I’m not a fan of bullshit, while I’m not mad I do feel a little salty because I’ve invested energy and time in this person thinking that it was a reciprocal relationship.

I’m really not sure what to do now, again I don’t feel different nor do I want to treat the person differently, but at the same time I don’t want to give my energy, time, and affection to someone undeserving of it.