Keepeth Thou Mouth Shut


When someone you love and care about is making a huge mistake in their life is it possible to advise them in a helpful manner?

The answer is a big fat NO! Not only will you be met with anger and resentment the person will ultimately thwart any attempts on your part by putting up a wall of defense. No one wants to hear that they’re being stupid or making a horrible mistake. (myself included)

I’ve learned the hard way that the best advice is no advice at all, ultimately you have to watch as they crash and burn and be there to pick up the pieces when it’s all said and done (even if it’s the second, or third time they’ve crashed and burned). Of course this is easier said than done, no one wants to watch someone they love hurt especially when they can’t see that the decisions they are making is the instrument of their pain. And more importantly if the person doesn’t ask for your help or advice they won’t be open to anything you have to say.

So while it may seem extremely hard for me to keep my mouth closed that’s exactly what I plan on doing, having good intentions mean nothing when the person isn’t willing to see what is obvious to everyone else.