I have to say the hardest job I’ve had thus far is the one where I’m called mom. My quirky, weird, loving and funny kids are 16, 12 and 7. Two boys and one girl, the girl being the eldest.

My philosophy on parenting has and will always be, do the opposite of what my parents did or didn’t do, with a sprinkle of asking “#demkids”. I feel like children should be included in the child rearing process, with any relationship you want to be successful communication should be at the top of the list, along with respect, understanding, and effective listening.

In our home my husband and I think it’s best to communicate with our kids instead of demanding that they blindly follow our lead (we expect them to challenge us every so often, sometimes we can use their insight as well). Just because we’re parents doesn’t mean we have all the answers, just like this whole kid thing is new for them, the parent thing is new for us. I know there are three of them so you’re thinking “you have a good idea of what to do, you’ve had practice”, NOPE. Each child is completely different, each responds to authority differently than the other. So our approach varies for each child, just like their approach with us varies.

Good parenting isn’t one size fits all, what works in one household may not work in yours, but trying different things to reach your kids is the point. My husband and I just hope our kids are getting the lessons that we teach them.



2 thoughts on “#DemKids

  1. That sounds like a great parenting style! I find myself doing some of the same, i.e. the opposite of what my parents did in life… it’s my go-to decision making tool. My dad actually has some good advice to offer sometimes, but he seldom takes it himself. Growing up, I was rarely allowed to challenge what I was being told. But my younger sister was, and it was always funny. She could always say what I wasn’t allowed to.

    1. Thanks, We dont know it all and as long as they’re respectful being expressive and voicing an opinion is always welcomed. I dont want to be viewed as a dictator when it comes to our household, now serious decisions obviously we dont need to run by them but i like to think of our home as a true democracy.

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