Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid that you couldn’t help but feel it was really happening?

I had a dream last night that my husband had a female manager (he’s a musician) that he knew was in love with him, but insisted that this woman remain his manager.

It’s just a dream right? WRONG! I woke up this morning mad as hell! YES you read correctly, I woke up super mad at my husband over this dream. Sounds ridiculous, but I was seriously in my feelings about this dream. I love my husband and I trust him more than I trust anyone else in this world, but this shit had me seriously in my feelings.

In the dream he kept dismissing my feelings, knowing damn well this chick was in love with him. Now I’m no dream interpreter by far, but I’m thinking WTF does this ish mean?

My interpretation, maybe the dream was a analogy for how I feel he hasn’t listened to me in the past concerning his relationships with others and choices with his career. Most times I disregard dreams but I was especially bothered by this dream, I don’t like for my feelings and concerns to be dismissed especially in regards to my husband and children (anyone else who cares)

I know this is extremely silly, please excuse my crazy.