I’m not good at Social Media


I’m finding it hard to be “present” in the world of social networking/social media, these are a few reasons why I think I’m no good at social media.

I’m too honest, and that seems to bug people, evidently honesty isn’t necessary in the realm of social media. Everyone likes rainbows, fallacies and lies.

I’m not very good at seeming seamlessly interesting. I think the people who are posting these great things about themselves and their lives have it hard. Because if you were really that interesting why would you feel the need to post all of your interesting adventures minute to minute via social media. (This doesn’t mean bloggers, because most bloggers write about their adventures after the adventure is over – see how that works attention whores. See there I go with that damn honest bug again).

I don’t take myself that seriously, it seems everyone is saying or doing something profound on social media. I’m super random and so are my thoughts.

I’m NOT an attention whore, which may seem like a conundrum given I have a blog and a YouTube channel where I’m trying to engage other like-minded people. But the difference is I’m not trying to get attention, if people read my blog great, cool, whatever, if people view my videos again super cool, but here’s the kicker if they don’t that’s still super cool, great and whatever. I feel like to be successful in social media you have to be “doing the most”, all the time. And I’ve got too much shit to do for that.

I’m TOO HONEST! Yes, I know I said this already but it seems to be the common theme with people I know, some folks have told me “everything is not meant for Facebook” or “you shouldn’t put your business online” but if I’m not being an attention whore and befriending anyone who clicks my name than all of my “friends” are truly my friends and I can share my ups and downs, good and bad. I get it, for some people social media is a form of escape, but I thought the purpose was to be SOCIAL! So if I want to talk about beef with my brother or the gargoyle that shouldn’t be any sweat off anyones back. You think? Nope.

But hey I’m a flawed human being and I love sharing all of those flaws with the people in my life, whether that be via person to person or electronically via Facebook, this blog, or YouTube.

Maybe I’ll get it one day, but until then I’ll continue to be me…



4 thoughts on “I’m not good at Social Media

  1. I like your blog and videos because you just say what you’re thinking.

    There does seem to be pressure within social media to keep the information mild or fake. I love being happy and doing interesting things (who doesn’t), but it’s kind of weird being around people who pretend all the time. I know a lot of people who are always updating their pages with “interesting” stuff, but in reality don’t do anything all day; and others who are always posting “uplifting” and “positive” things online, but are actually horrible people in real life. Sometimes it feels like such a joke. A lot of people use social media sites like a fake spray-tan that everyone has to pretend is real.

    I remember when I was trying to up my fan-base in an online art community. I’ve been a part of this site for years. It used to be relatively simple to get a few views and some helpful comments / constructive criticism. But things have changed a lot. Now if you want anyone to even know you’re there, it’s almost like a job… you have to spend all your time there, talk to a million people, draw what everyone else is drawing, and be “upbeat” / “interesting” all the time (but stereotypically so… which kind of defeats the purpose).

    1. That’s what I felt was missing from YouTube and that’s why I created content that I’m interested in. I figure I’m not the only person out there looking for a real conversation about life. All I’ve seen are people trying hard to be funny, accepted or trying to sell you something. I’ve never been one to be anything but myself whether others like it or not. Being unique and standing out from the crowd makes for an interesting human being to me. And thank you, for being an active participant in this weird little science project called Talk and T!

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