My First Love


I found my first love at the young age of nineteen, nineteen is such a young age how can a person possibly know what love is?

Well I knew what love was when the doctor wiped her off and laid her on my chest. See my first love wasn’t some random boy (or girl for that matter) my first love is my not so baby girl Kendra. Not only did she force me to grow up, she gave me purpose. She’s my longest relationship and one of my best friends, she’s been with me the longest and we’ve both grown together. I sometimes get teary eyed when I think about her growing up and moving on with life without me there to protect her and keep her safe.

She’s almost a grown woman, and I already find myself feeling left out of her social circle. She has her own little world out side of me and I find myself standing on the outside looking in, wanting to be a part of it, but knowing it’s her time to experience the things that I’ve already done.

Friends, love, hurt and pain, the hardest part of being a parent is knowing that you can’t stop your kids from experiencing pain because it’s a part of life and a lesson that they have to learn on their own. I have to step back and hope she’s learned all the lessons her father and I have taught her and be there for her when she needs us.

Easier said than done…



One thought on “My First Love

  1. I am a firm believer in the concept of taking a village to raise a child, so while you aren’t they’re biological parent you’ve play a huge role in molding them into the people that they are. I love all my kids equally but the girl holds a special place in my heart because shes been with me the longest.

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