So YouTube is doing this whole “DearMe” campaign (it’s actually a rip off a campaign a journalist started in the UK back in 2011 but whatever) where popular YouTuber’s are submitting videos or gifs to their younger selves. I don’t want to do a video because I just don’t want to LOL (It’s my prerogative as Bobby Brown said) So here is my written version of #DearMe a “letter” of sorts to my teenage self.

Dear Me,

You already know that being true to yourself and staying away from the status quo is the best thing to do, what I want you to do is stay away from Fuck boys! more specifically David Smith and Carlton Chandler! RUN GIRL RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything else you do is great! Oh and don’t listen to your mom she doesn’t know shit about anything, it’s not her fault she listened to her mom who doesn’t know shit and its a whole hermeneutic circle, you don’t want to be a part of. Oh and don’t be afraid to talk to that cute piano playing light-skinned boy, this is our chance to be happy sooner than later. So don’t forget three things, Say no to fuck boys, don’t listen to your mom and talk to the cute light-skinned piano playing boy in the music room at William Penn highschool.

There you have it folks words to my teenage self…



3 thoughts on “#DearMe

  1. This is an awesome letter! I love it, because it sounds like you always knew yourself well. I think instead of a letter to myself, I’d need a time machine and a light-saber.

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