Conversations with an Idiot…


Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone and they have no clue how to use words in the proper context? How do you have an intelligent, sensible conversation with someone who’s neither intelligent or sensible?

I have been in this type of predicament on quite a few occasions and it makes my brain hurt, it’s typically the same two people (who shall remain nameless).

One I just try to tune out until I hear buzz words that tell me the nonsense is over and the other…unfortunately I pawned that person off on my husband. I just can’t, it takes way too much energy to try to speak with this person. Not only am I constantly correcting the improper use of words that this person probably has no idea the meaning of, at some point it turns into a dick measuring contest. In the words of Sweet Brown “aint’ nobody got time for that”. 

I guess it’s my fault for understanding that words mean things and should be used in the proper context or not at all…