Go Fund Me…


I jokingly suggested on Facebook yesterday that I want to create a “go fund me” campaign to raise funds for an Apple watch. Of course I was poking fun at all the ridiculous people out in the webisphere basically raising money because they’d rather not spend their own money.

I honestly don’t think its any better than panhandling, actually worse you’re using your computer/cell phone to solicit funds which means if you have enough money to pay for the internet/computer or phone bill maybe you should reorganize your budget to get that “thing” that you MUST have.

I don’t see an issue with people actually raising funds for a real cause, but if you’re just out here trying to get money because you’d rather beg than get your “hustle” (or maybe begging is your hustle) on don’t expect me to drop my coins in your “pocket”. I mean what happened to the days of getting a second job if you had to in order to obtain the things you want?

Before my current position where I’m actually making really good money, I took on a paper route delivery the New York Post, Wall Street Journal and the Philadelphia Inquirer in order to make extra money to buy the things I wanted for myself and my kids. Now that’s a REAL hustle, getting up at 3 am on what’s already a normal work day to drive around and throw papers at someone’s house.

If you want my coins you’re going to have to do more than ask me for it…You better sing a song, dance a jig or tell me my fortune…



2 thoughts on “Go Fund Me…

  1. I understand when it’s for a good cause (like for someone’s chemotherapy), but I’ve also seen people try and use it to raise funds for things like breast implants.

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