Pride or Naw?


I remember how alienated I felt when I first came out, the people with whom I thought would understand and accept me the most rejected me and made me feel the worst.

For some reason lesbians (gay men were extremely welcoming) found me disgusting and a freak of nature because I needed to decide on who I wanted to be “with” and stick to it.

I could’ve sworn the “B” in LGBT stood for bisexual which means the community is accepting of people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. I was told on numerous occasions that I was “confused” and I needed to decide if I wanted to be with men or women. It honestly left me baffled and hurt, how could someone who clearly understood where I was coming from make me feel so bad for something that’s uncontrollable to me. During a time when people were becoming very accepting of gays and lesbians I felt like I was on a planet by myself.

Because of how I was treated in the past, I’ve found myself as an adult not so open to speaking on my sexuality because ignorance is real and further more how can you have pride in who you are, when you’ve felt ostracised by the same people who are supposed to be accepting of you?



4 thoughts on “Pride or Naw?

  1. Oh my god, thank you! I received a similar reaction, so I pulled back and stopped telling people. Some people were nice, and some got mad. I was told that I was “greedy”, “immature”, “just looking for attention”, etc. I’m sorry others put you through that. It sucks being a part of a community that doesn’t always seem to want / understand you.

    1. It really is sad that we can’t be ourselves without others passing judgment on us and making us feel some kind of way about who we are. I’ve gotten to the point now where this is who I am and I’m kind of tired of feeling like I have to hide who I am in order to make others feel comfortable.

      1. That is sad… and it seems like the people who know the least about you are sometimes the ones to make the harshest judgments. I can understand your sentiments. I just want to be a person, instead of always trying to figure out which parts of me will or won’t be acceptable to certain people before I walk into a room / go to a certain part of town.

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