The Great Debate: What do Women Really Want?


A part from my many reality TV vices, I also enjoy a good scripted television series every once in a while, one of those being, “Being Mary Jane”. I’m not going to run down an overview of the show I’m sure most people have heard of it by now.

The season finale aired on Tuesday March 17th and to his disdain (because he pretty much hates anything on tv that isn’t action or syfy related) hubby watched with me, during and at the end of the show he expressed concern for the main characters mental/emotional state of being.

His words “That’s the problem with y’all women, y’all don’t know what the hell you want, ole boy was honest and told her he didn’t want to be in the situation with the baby mama, and agreed to have a baby with her. Now she’s up vacuuming and acting crazy after she gets what she wants”… 

To that I can only say the television character shouldn’t be taken as a universal representation of women. Yes Mary Jane is a mess, and in my opinion she doesn’t know what the hell she wants. But placing all women in that bubble seemed like a bit much or does it?

I’ve had plenty of conversations with women about what they look for in a mate and what would make them happy in a relationship and nine times out of ten, a lot of what they wanted was contradictory.

But is that enough to say women don’t know what they want? I don’t think so, but then again I’m bias aren’t I.

What do you guys think, do women know what they want?

I think Chris Rock said it best, We want EVERYTHING, and shit what’s wrong with that.



4 thoughts on “The Great Debate: What do Women Really Want?

  1. A lot of my male friends have asked me what I want out of life and relationships, and they always seemed shocked that I had an immediate / coherent answer, and that I was happy once I got it. This always seemed to confuse my female friends as well. I never knew what was up with that.

    1. I guess most people don’t have an answer to that question. It’s probably easier to answer what they don’t want in life and relationships, they’re probably have an immediate answer for that question.

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