Used to…

I was thinking of all the things I used to do, it made me kind of sad but at the same time I have come to the realization that I’m in need of some much overdue self-reflection. I need to find out why I used to do these things and why I’m not doing them.

I used to write short stories

I used to sing

I used to write poetry

I used to be a photographer

I used to be social

I guess I have some homework to do…



2 thoughts on “Used to…

  1. Those are all wonderful hobbies! I used to do those kinds of things all the time too. I think for me, I stopped some of them because I needed a break, and others because life got busy. Although, for socializing, I believe that slowed down a bit as I came to trust people (in general) a whole lot less ^-^’.

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