Fan Girl: Ten Reasons you Should be watching HBO’s Game of Thrones


The best series to hit television makes its return on April 12, 2015, so I’m kind of a late comer to the series, I started watching GOT winter break 2013.

I have to say the closer and closer it gets to the premiere date,  I just can’t seem to stop talking about it. I mean I am TOTALLY obsessed with this show and my plan is to make all of you obsessed right along with me. So here are ten reasons why you should start watching Game of Thrones.

1) Tons of Sex – We all love a good love scene, but that’s the best thing about this show no love scenes just raw nasty sex.

2) Dragons – Three of them and they burn and eat people, need I say more.

3) Ice Zombies – with the zombie apocalypse craze going on you know there has to be zombies.

4) Jon Snow – Even though I think he’s a doofus he’s not bad on the eyes (Kit Harington)

5) Action – There is plenty of action for all the action/adventure junkies.

6) The Song of Ice and Fire – The show is an adaptation of a series of novels written by George R.R. Martin and from what I can tell the fans of the novels aren’t disappointment one bit in the series.

7) Beautiful Scenery – The show is filmed on location in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Malta, and Spain (season 5).

8) British Accents – If you love british accents then you’ll definitely get your fill, most of the actors are from the UK.

9) Peter Dinklage – The actor who plays Tyrion Lannister who happens to be one of my favorite characters of the series. He’s witty, fearless, cunning and he actually has a good heart. Which is rare in this series especially of a Lannister.

10) ME! – I’ll be recording reviews of the show every Sunday night immediately after the show airs. I’m super excited to discuss the show in my own little unique way.

Will you be tuning in?



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