Gushers are the Devil!


I hate to use the word diet because diets are temporary and always seem to include deprivation of the things that make life wonderful.

So I’ll say I’ve been eating clean with a sprinkle of low/no fat, no dairy (with the exception of one serving daily of greek yogurt – low-fat), no sweeteners/white sugar (raw sugar only for my tea if I don’t use honey), all the green veggies and fruit my heart desires as well as one serving of protein in the form of chicken or fish. Depressing right? I know, I’m living this shit.

The first month wasn’t too bad, I’m about 67 days in (yes I’ve been keeping count damn it, I love cheeseburgers!) the one “diet” vice that I refuse to give up are those damn gushers!

That’s right the little liquid filled fruit snacks that burst in your mouth (stop with your dirty minds), I can’t get enough of these damn things, my husband caught me sneaking one two nights ago before bed time and he just shook his head at me and laughed. It’s serious out here! if allowed I could go through a box of 20 packs in a day, that is how much I enjoy these damn fruity snacks.

The worst thing is I know they’re no good for me but “they be calling me” (guess that reference, you won’t win anything but guess anyway, lol)

Are any of you out there cleaning up your dietary act, but have that one thing that you just can’t give up like me? I can’t be the only person going through this. As I’m typing this I’m totally looking forward to tearing open a pack when I get home from work, #fixitjesus.



One thought on “Gushers are the Devil!

  1. Wow, that sounds rough, I’m rooting for you ^-^! Is that a reference to the Lil Wayne skit that Dave Chapelle did?

    It’s not the same thing, but I love hot sauce. I can’t give it up. People keep telling me that if I put it on my food, I won’t live as long as I could. I’m not sure how medically sound that advice is though.

    As far as diet is concerned, it’s complicated, lol ^-^’. The weight struggles I’ve had seem to have a lot less to do with the food I eat, and a lot more to do with my physical health issues. Long story made short, my weight goes up and down with things such as how sensitive I am to my environment and medications I’ve taken. For instance, one doctor had me on a pain-killer that made me gain twice my own body weight. Nothing worked – neither diet nor exercise. But when I stopped taking the medication, the weight left with it. Another example – there was a fire in an apartment complex we lived in. I suddenly began having breathing and weight issues. When we moved, both issues resolved themselves.

    But honestly, I know what you mean about gushers! I could eat them all day and make myself sick, lmao ^-^.

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