Blood, Sweat & Heels: Racist Cabby? Prada Bags & Jail time


Bravo’s, Blood, Sweat & Heels is one of my reality show vices, on the latest episode of Broads with Egos, thinking their way more important then they are. One of the “stars” is arrested for failure to pay (or something like that) honestly I wouldn’t blog about this show if it hadn’t been for the comment that the woman made in her confessional.

She was flabbergasted that the cabby had the audacity to try to kick her out of his cab after a disagreement over where it was she needed to go. These were her words, “he treated me like I was some ghetto girl, like I don’t have a degree”, this is where my problem lies.

If indeed the cabby verbally assaulted her and tried to physically remove her from his taxi, he was dead ass wrong, point, blank, period! But her mindset as to why he was wrong for doing it to her is what bothers me, he had no right to talk to her in that way because “she’s a college graduate with degrees and a Prada purse”. Say word?

NO ONE deserves to be verbally or physically assaulted no matter what your educational background! I don’t care if the woman was the stereotypical gum popping, neck rolling “sistah” from Marcy Projects, no one deserves to be treated like their less than human.

I’ve found more and more that some black women with degrees have this elitist attitude that they now belong to a secret society of degree holding super heroes, that can’t be touched and the normal rules of society no longer are applied to them because they sat in a classroom and read some books and regurgitated the shit back to the professor, get the fuck outta here with that.

You’re probably thinking I’m mad at the comment because I don’t hold any degrees of higher education WRONG! I have three degrees, but who gives a shit! They don’t make me who I am and they damn sure don’t make me better than the next chick. But hey obtaining higher education doesn’t equate to having a higher regard for your fellow-man, it means now I can use this degree to make myself feel a higher level of importance and look down on others.




4 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat & Heels: Racist Cabby? Prada Bags & Jail time

  1. Wow, just when I was beginning to feel sorry for her… that’s a real shame. I wish she’d said something like, “He can’t treat me that way, I’m a human being” instead. I’ve met a few people like that, but I can’t figure out how they develop that sort of mind-set. I remember asking one woman in particular about her habit of yelling at wait-staff and then bragging about it. She told me, “Because I’m educated, and they’re not. I have the right. You’ll understand when you’re out of school.” As it turned out, I was older than her, and I had a higher education (and somehow, I managed to not treat others that way). She got upset when she found out – she looked very angry and embarrassed. But that simply shows that you never know who you’re speaking to, and that it shouldn’t matter. Being educated doesn’t give anyone the right to act any way they please. It seems very common for people to look for any excuse they can find to justify all sorts of bad behavior. It’s strange and shameful that education is being used as just one more tool for that. Education should be used as a tool to transform the world for the better.

    1. Exactly, it seems more and more “we” run into situations where people use bad behavior and try to justify it with pretty much whatever they can think of. Like you said no one no matter what their educational background should be spoken to or treated badly. Your friend was brave because the waiter could’ve been really nasty and done some not so nice things to her food.

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