Outgoing Introvert Say Whaaaaa…

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Your Result: Outgoing Introvert


You are an outgoing introvert. You enjoy being by yourself, but you make friends easily and are confident. You would rather stay home than go to a party.


Outgoing Extrovert


Shy Introvert


Shy Extrovert

I’d have to say this is completely spot on!
While I do enjoy social settings, I’d rather be at home on my couch watching tv, reading a book, or playing one of my tap-tap games (my husbands label for any game you can download from the app store).
I’m a pretty friendly person, but I like who I like, once I like you that’s it you’re in my circle for life (until you do or say something that gets you bumped out the circle ^_^). Parties are super fun for me when I know majority of the people who are going to be there, if it’s a situation where I might have to have awkward conversations with people I don’t know I’m more than likely going to pass.
So to my friends, if I’ve passed on lunch, or a social gathering it’s really me not you!
What type of Introvert/Extrovert are you?

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