He Loves me…


The best part of being in love with someone is actually knowing that they love you. That sounds weird right? People profess their love for one another all the time without actually knowing and feeling what love is.

I hate to get mushy on a Friday morning but I can’t help myself, my hubby and I both notice the little things (or at least things that the average person who knows us would never know or pay attention to) about one another; his top lip quivers right before he smiles. Something I paid no attention to, evidently when I’m in a really good mood I hum a weird little tune and he says it’s a slight variation of the same little tune every time. He knows when I’m in my head and something is bothering me even when the world doesn’t have a clue, I can sense when something is bothering him without him saying a word.

In short, he loves me… not because he says it but because he shows it. I love him and he knows it again not because of the words, my actions.

For some odd reason some people still live in a world where they don’t realize actions speak louder than words.