Random Thoughts: It Gets Weird inside my Brain


Whispering is creepy

Horses scare me

My husband has a pair of cargo pants that make me uncomfortable

Kids are super cunts sometimes (is it bad to say that out loud? whatevs its true, they’re so inappropriate but we give them passes because “they don’t know any better” FOH)

Social media has made us all into attention whoring zombies

My sister-in laws don’t like other people’s feet touching their feet and my husband loves to torture them with his feet (lol)

My youngest son loves me a lot when he wants something from me

I have a fear of planes randomly falling out of the sky (smh wtf is wrong with me)

I daydream a lot

If you talk to me while tv is on, I probably didn’t hear anything you said

I LOVE food which makes eating healthy a nightmare because I love all the stuff you probably should never put into your body if you plan on wearing clothes that fit.

I don’t think “we” have the whole God and creation thing figured out, I think religion has us waaaaaay off track of what really might’ve happened as far as who, what and why “we” were created.

I don’t like to french kiss unless sex is involved (TMI, but who cares)

I don’t like other people’s sweat

I really don’t get how men walk around with penises and “balls”, those things seem like they make life extremely uncomfortable outside of sex and urinating.


Believe it or not I’ve actually said some of these things out loud…to people LMAO.

Are you brave enough to post your random thoughts in the comment section.



2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: It Gets Weird inside my Brain

  1. Those were really funny! As for my random thoughts:

    • When I first met my husband, he had two winter hats that made him look really creepy. (I told him, and he stopped wearing them, thank god).

    • I think most people these days prefer to live in a fantasy world, but I also think standards have really gone down on the definition of the word “fantasy”.

    • Some of the best advice I’ve gotten in this world has been from homeless people.

    • I love riding carousels.

    • If I could eat sushi every day, I would.

    • I think a lot of the so-called differences between men and women (besides proven medical ones) are just a game that we’ve been raised to play in the hopes of separating us and keeping us from working together fully.

    • I’ve never been on a plane, and I’m afraid of flying.

    • I would love to be an actor on Star Trek

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