Yay Me! Staycation!!!!


Due to a men’s only fishing trip hubby is going on for three days, I will be enjoying a staycation next week! I’m super excited for some me time, I will miss hubby, but I honestly could use a few hours of alone time. While the kids are in school I will enjoy at least 7 whole beautiful hours of ME time!

I have a few things that I’d like to do next week if you guys have any ideas for my staycation let me know!

Staycation Objectives:

Gym: I can spend more than my normal 45 mins at the gym, can you say 90 minutes baaaabay!

Reading: I have three books on my kindle app I’d like to start/finish.

Pamper: Groupon is my bff, I plan on finding me a spa where I can get a much-needed massage for cheap!

Mind & Body: Alone time also means quiet time, I’m going to sit still and become one with the universe, get my meditation on!

Parks & Museums: I’d like to hit up a few trails and a few of our museums here in Philly, maybe that one with the babies in jars.

Spring Cleaning: I’d like to finally go through my closet and get rid of some stuff and pack some stuff away for the summer. I wouldn’t mind finally painting my living/dining rooms and upstairs hallway. (maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself with that one)

That’s what I have so far people, if you’ve ever staycationed before tell me what you did maybe I can borrow an idea or two.



6 thoughts on “Yay Me! Staycation!!!!

  1. All of these staycation ideas sound wonderful… especially the spa one ^-^’. Uh, I don’t know if I can really recommend any good activities… what I usually do is read up on science issues, watch sci-fi, work on some art projects, or see a movie with my husband and sister (and then go to dinner and discuss the movie with them).

      1. Abstract is always so expressive and beautiful. I remember when I first began learning to draw… I was very little, and I was awful. It took me forever to learn, but I started having a lot of fun with it once I got the hang of it.

  2. Just had a staycation I finished painting my livingroom and did spring cleaning. Then I relaxed and kept my munchkin home from daycare. If your going to paint spend the first few days painting and then rest. I painted alone took me most of the day including clean up time very good work out..

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