Immature? I think Not.


Anytime I have experience being labeled/called immature, it was always used as a negative connotation towards my “lack” of development in some way or another, more so related to “acting ones age”(whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean).

I mean I get it the word immature basically means lacking/under development of some sort, whether it be physically or emotionally. But since when did enjoying children’s cartoons, video games or anything that isn’t “age appropriate” for adults equate to immaturity?

Why does getting older always mean to some people acting like the joy snatching old lady that lived on everyone’s block growing up? Why do I suddenly have to become a joyless drone, only entertained by “old” people shit?

I can sit and watch a marathon of Teen Titans with my kids and be fully entertained, just as I can sit and converse about the climatic impact our consumption of natural resources is having on our planet. One doesn’t negate the other, so why must I choose to always “act” like an adult just because I’m thirty-five years young? I enjoy blowing bubbles, laughing at my seven-year old when he belches or passes gas unexpectedly while dancing to a commercial he’s watching on television. Why does the enjoyment of those things make me immature?

Will Ferrell got it right “Immature is a word boring people use to describe fun people”, stop taking life and yourself so damn serious and have some fun already.



5 thoughts on “Immature? I think Not.

  1. Yes, thank you! This subject has been on my mind for about a decade now. I’ve met so many people who seem to think, “Ok, fun’s over. Now we have to be boring.” Half the things I like to do are “immature”, so trying to figure out what immaturity / maturity really means has been a bit of a concern for me. One thing I’ve noticed (and it bothers me greatly) is that the older you get, the angrier and less fun you’re supposed to be… but you’re not expected to be a better person, to be more honest (especially with yourself), to be more trustworthy, to be more rational, or to find more constructive outlets for your anger. I think not getting those things under control would be a better definition of immaturity; I’ve met surgeons who love video games and watching kids cartoons, and it has nothing to do with their job performance or the level of maturity that they have.

    1. It’s definitely something I’ve noticed throughout the years, I just can’t conform. I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing things that make you happy and they don’t harm others. I hear so many women complain about their boyfriends and or husbands playing video games. And I’m like what’s wrong with a guy over 30 who plays video games? Would you rather he be doing something he probably shouldn’t. I don’t get it.

      1. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of women complain about that too, and you’re right – it’s way better than if they were out doing something bad. Things always seem to get worse when women find out that I love video games, comics, etc. more than my husband does, “There’s no excuse for women to like video games. How can you be so immature? You’re a bad wife.” I’ve actually been told that. It’s the strangest thing ever.

      2. Smh wow, they don’t know what they’re missing out on. I enjoy video games I’m not very good at the newer ones, but I enjoy watching everyone else in my household play sometimes I’m actually useful in figuring something out because I’m looking at the game from a commentators viewpoint and not a player. Some people are weird, stuck in their heads with these traditional ideals of what women should like and how you should act once you reach a certain age. Makes for a very boring existence.

      3. I never thought of that before, but it makes a lot of sense that you’d catch things that the players don’t when you’re watching the action from a different vantage-point ^-^. Yeah, a lot of traditional ideals don’t make a lot of sense to me. “Ideal” for whom? I never benefited from trying to live like a stereotype.

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