Rant: Walter Biddle Saul High School for Agricultural Studies @ Penn State FFA 2015 State Competition

Dear person who thought it proper to stand up in a room full of young adults and say “I love ghetto music, it helps me get in touch with my inner hoodrat”, in reference to the R&B/Hip Hop music that was playing in the background. What your words actually translate into, “I love black music, it helps me get in touch with my inner nigger”.

I can only hope to assume that your momentary lapse of sound judgement shouldn’t be a direct reflection on the annual program that takes place at Penn State. I am not shocked that there are some EXTREMELY ignorant and racist people that dwell in upstate PA, whatever happened to thinking before speaking? I’m just trying to figure out why my child and all of her classmates had to be subjected to such raw and blatant ignorance.

They didn’t work their asses off all year-long to go to Penn State to compete and represent the ONLY URBAN SCHOOL to be offended by a buffoon! It is bad enough that the predominantly black student body at WB Saul High School is met every year with stares and whispers from there white counterparts, like theses kids have only seen the ever allusive black person on television.

Maybe I’m super annoyed because I’m beyond TIRED of reading about why black people are making everything about racism when the last I checked “we’re” not standing around with signs that say, “please make racists comments and attack me for no fucking reason other than the color of my skin, I deserve them because I’m not equal to you”.


I’m not living in a dream world I’m preparing my children for the cruel and idiotic world that we live in, but it  itsn’t real until they actually call and tell you some really racist shit just happened to them.

I’m just super fucking tired of racist, insensitive assholes in this world who don’t have a fucking clue about how you should respect and treat your fellow-man, woman and child.

My daughter said that she’s ok, but come on man! it’s heartbreaking to hear that when she sat down next to a white girl in a class, that the girl looked really uncomfortable. What are you people teaching your fucking kids?  The color of a person’s skin should NOT make you uncomfortable! WHY IN 2015 ARE WE STILL DEALING WITH THIS SHIT! PEOPLE OF COLOR EXIST! THE CREATOR MADE US ALL. GET OVER YOUR FUCKING SELVES AND FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO BE HATEFUL ABOUT!

Maybe hate the fact that we’re destroying our fucking planet with over population, global warming, pollution and the exhaustion of our natural resources!

I know the idiots that need to see this won’t and I’m fine with it but it doesn’t stop me from feeling how I feel.



2 thoughts on “Rant: Walter Biddle Saul High School for Agricultural Studies @ Penn State FFA 2015 State Competition

  1. Oh my god… that’s sad. We’ve all been through things like this, but it doesn’t ever make it hurt any less. It’s especially infuriating when children are exposed to blatant, ignorant, unnecessary racism. People should know better. I have white family in upstate PA (my mom’s side), and some of them don’t seem to know how to feel about the non-white family members (my father, my sister, me, and various relatives from Africa and Vietnam). They’ll use expressions like “coloreds” in front of us, they don’t want to sit near us (they prefer to be all the way on the other side of the room sometimes), and they don’t include us in most “family” gatherings. I’m upset when it happens to me, but it hurts even more when I see my little cousins exposed to it. And if we complain, we’re told that we’re the racist ones for noticing the unfair treatment. You’re right, I would’ve thought our planet had too many other problems for racism to still be so prevalent.

    1. That’s the sad part majority of the racist people have been so conditioned into thinking the way that they think, that trying to make sense of it for them is like pulling teeth. I hope i teach my kids enough about tolerance and love.

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