Music Minute: Tyrese – Black Rose


Tyrese aka Tyrese Gibson aka Black Ty depending on whether he’s singing, acting or rapping dropped his latest contribution to the music industry, titled Black Rose.

I have to say I’m not mad at this album at all, there isn’t one track that I don’t like, my favorite being “Don’t want to look back” featuring Chrisette Michele. If you are like me and you love a good R&B slow jam album, I feel confident in saying you’ll enjoy this album.

There are 14 tracks total, ranging from slow to mid-tempo ballads, with the exception “Dumb shit” featuring Snoop Dog, all the songs are pretty much love songs/baby making music.

This album definitely makes me feel like R&B music might have a chance of making a comeback, if we could get a few more male singers to sing like Tyrese, Tank, R. Kelly (pre-underage sex scandal) and Joe it would be like we stepped into the 90s.

Tyrese enlists the likes of Brandy, Tank and a bit of Marsha Ambrosius on “Picture Perfect”, I really miss male R&B albums like this one, Tank has been the only one holding me down in this department. I wish Music Soulchild would stop playing around with his sound and get back to the basics that made us love him so much.

You’re probably thinking, what about Miguel, Trey Songs and Usher? They aren’t voices in my opinion, yes they can carry a note but they don’t move me vocally. There are quite a few underrated R&B male artists that I’d like to hear new music from, Raheem Davaughn, Maxwell, D’Angelo (I actually like his Black Messiah album, but I need him to go back to his Voodoo album days), Robin Thicke (I actually need him to get back to Thicke and leave Robin’s ass in the basement), Anthony Hamilton, Eric Benet…all of the real singers in R&B.

Anywhooooo…iTunes let’s you preview about a minute of each song if you want to check it out before purchasing. I honestly think you’ll like.

Track List

Dumb Shit (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Picture Perfect (Marsha Ambrosius snuck in on the hook, not credited as a feature)
Waiting on You
Don’t Wanna Look Back (feat. Chrisette Michele)
Prior to You (feat. Tank)
Without My Heart
When We Make Love
Gonna Give You What You Need
Body Language
The Rest of Our Lives (feat. Brandy)
I Still Do

More “music minute’s” to come, some posts will be reviews, some will be general discussions on how I’m feeling about the music industry or various artists.



3 thoughts on “Music Minute: Tyrese – Black Rose

  1. I’ve heard most of the songs on this album, and it’s pretty good (especially for these days). I love how all of the songs actually sound different from each other, the lyrics are beautiful, and the transitions are smooth. “Don’t Wanna Look Back” is very pleasant, and I’ve added it to my work-out music. I think my favorite song from this album would have to be “Without My Heart”.

    As for some of the other artists you mentioned… I think I only like Usher’s stuff when it’s in a mashup for dance music. I think the only thing Snoop Dog has done, that I actually like, was when he was in an episode Youtube’s “Epic Rap Battles”.

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