#Demkids: Teenager Addition


As a parent you try your hardest to make sure your kids feel loved, keep them safe, sane and healthy, physically and emotionally. When it comes to the emotions of teenage girls, just know that nothing you say or do will help, you might even make the situation worse without knowing it.

My teenager is going through what most teenagers go through, image issues. How others see us rarely matches how we see ourselves no matter the age, I think she’s beautiful, she’s all the things I wish I were when I was her age. But everything that I see that’s beautiful about her, she sees as a flaw. I don’t know what to say or do to help her see what I see, all I can do is keep telling her what I see and hope she comes to see it as well.

My biggest fear is that some boy or man (fuckboys can see a lack of confidence from miles away) tries to prey on her during this time that she’s emotional and unsure of herself.

The last thing I want is for her to have a false sense of confidence based on others opinions (including me and her dad) I want her to love herself because she loves everything about herself flaws and all. I’m just unsure how to express that without sounding parenty, we all know teenagers don’t want to hear anything that their parents have to say because “we” don’t know what it’s like to be them blah blah blah.

I didn’t have any help in this department growing up, my mom or dad never told me I was beautiful I had to look within myself and figure it out and in doing so I made a lot of mistakes. Mistakes I don’t want her to make, she’s been my pretty little girl every day for the last sixteen years, I’ve made sure she heard that from me so she wouldn’t seek reassurance from fuckboys. But being a teenager is complicated and I’m sure she feels I’m bias because she’s mine and she’s right I am bias, but I’m also right in my opinion of her being beautiful to me.

She’s my beautiful toffee complexioned girl, with the prettiest smile, beautiful full lips, flawless skin, girls/women would pay their weight in gold for her skin, she has the cutest nose, and bushy eyebrows, her eyes are the gateway to her soul which is soooo unique. My hope is that this post finds its way to her and she reads it, looks in the mirror and sees what I see…


2 thoughts on “#Demkids: Teenager Addition

  1. I have no experience with this, but it sounds like you’re a great mom ^-^. I say this because I remember being a teenager, and I remember when my sister was a teenager… our mom spent the whole time competing with us and tearing us down. It’s really refreshing hearing about someone who doesn’t feel that her own beauty is threatened, but instead recognizes her daughter’s beauty too and celebrates it.

    You’re right, having parental support / guidance as a teenager is important; something our mom never gave us. We had our dad, but he certainly wasn’t exactly a font of womanly advice. My sister was pretty much left to google everything she needed to know, and I just took whatever advice my dad and strangers gave me… so, I basically came out of it knowing how to change tires, and nothing about myself. My sister and I didn’t get into any trouble though (something I’m really grateful for). As we saw our friends beginning to go out and party heavily, drink, and shoplift, we decided that it wasn’t for us.

    1. Thanks! I’m with you on the whole mom being threatened…I feel like I blindly felt my way through my teenagers years with the help of my friends and television. It took me a very long time to find beauty within myself and I unfortunately took the path of seeking it via the opposite sex or whomever paid me any mind. I definitely don’t want her to repeat those actions. She has read this post since my writing it and she appreciates me trying to guide her and help her through her journey. It’s all a learning process for us all, she’s never been a teenager before and I’ve never been a parent to a teenager until now, if we work together we’ll figure it out. 🙂

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