Music Minute: Jill Scott – Woman


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Ms. Jill Scott released her latest contribution to the music world entitled “Woman”, July 24th. I couldn’t get into her last album, but this album gives me ALLL of my life!

She sings from the heart, belting out songs of heartache, self-acceptance/reflection, and love. This album is coming from a place of growth, and loving ones self first, there isn’t a song on this album that I can honestly say I don’t like.

My favorite being “Closure”, where she tells her boo thang she’s done with his trifling ways and he’ll no longer get a taste of her goodies or her delectable’s that she whips up in the kitchen. The best part IMO is the ending where you can hear the gentlemen outside begging to come in, “you want me to call you, don’t call you? I can come back and wash your car for some of that guava…”. I smile every time I hear the ending, she writes smart, with honesty from the heart and honestly I feel like that is what makes R&B, R&B.

A few of my favs are Prepare, Wild Cookie, Fool’s Gold, Can’t Wait, Willing, and Jahraymecofasola (I have no idea what that means but the song is pretty as hell).

If you love great R&B, you should definitely take a peek into the heart and mind of Jill Scott.

1. Wild Cookie

2. Prepare

3. Run Run Run

4. Can’t Wait

5. Lighthouse

6. Fool’s Gold

7. Willing (Interlude)

8. Closure

9. You Don’t Know

10. Pause (Interlude)

11. Crusin

12. Say Thank You

13. Back Together

14. Coming To You

15. Jahraymecofasola

16. Beautiful Love (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)


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  1. Love this album! Her voice is powerful whether she’s singing loudly or softly, and the instrumentation is very smooth. I really like “Closure” (yeah, it’s relatable and funny!) and “Run Run Run”.

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