Millennials Got it Bad…


Sometimes I feel bad for millennials, everything they do has the potential of following them until the end of advanced technology or the social media age.

I belong to the awesome, generation know as the Generation X, which means my coming to age years were the early to mid 90’s; which also means technology more-so the age of social media hadn’t come into existence yet.

We were safe to act a fool in public without having to worry about it being recorded on someone’s cell phone (I mean it didn’t mean you wouldn’t get your ass kicked when you got home if someone who knew your parents told them they saw you acting a fool in public). We didn’t have to worry about potential employers googling our names to background check our social habits to see if we were good fits with their companies.

We didn’t have our parents “shaming” us online. Sex tapes existed but they were more than likely VHS or Betamax, which means there would be no chance of it ending up on the internet, because the internet was barely the internet. If you had a bad break up with a boy/girl in the 90’s the most you had to worry about was them possibly bad mouthing you to his friends and associates, now you have to worry about them bad mouthing you to thousands of strangers and possibly posting your intimate photographs and videos online.

Fights in the past were simple, if you got your ass whooped the only people who knew were the people who were there, the excitement of the fight would eventually die down and fade to obscurity. Now, the chance of your fight ending up on World Star Hip Hop is extremely high, which means the entire world will possible see you got your ass whooped.

We actually spent time, physically, with our friends, there was no texting, kiking, instagramming or tweeting. Most millennials are so socially awkward, it’s a conundrum when you really think about it.

It’s not all bad for you millennials out there, you guys actually have the power to force change to happen through the very tool that seems to be your double-edged sword.

So continue to make your voices heard when injustices happen around the world, do something we actually couldn’t do in the 90’s, show the world the new/old faces of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia, because they are hiding in plain view…