#DemKids: Hippy Mommy, Reasonable Daddy


Parenting styles not only vary family to family, they vary within a household, my husband is the reasonable, responsible one who asks questions like “who’s going to be there”, “what time is it over” you know normal stuff. Whereas my response is usually “sure have fun!”, which isn’t a good thing all the time.

Our daughter probably finds it annoying that every time she asks to do something, I tell her to “ask daddy, and if he’s ok with it I’m ok with it”. I can imagine hubby’s frustration when I approve something for one of the children without obtaining any information.

I’m fully aware where this is coming from, growing up my household was pretty strict, my mom never let us go anywhere out of fear that someone would do something to us. And because I missed out on sleepover’s, and summer away camps etc., I ok pretty much everything my kids ask for, because I don’t want them to resent me because I was too strict.

I’m working on my hippyness, with the help of hubby I think I will be able to find mid ground between becoming a little more stern and being a complete flower child parent.

No one person has this parenting game down, we’re all learning as we go along kids and parents alike. Hopefully we all make the right choices and are successful in making some really cool, caring, responsible, giving people. That’s all I can hope for…



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