#Demkids: Parent-trap


The one thing you shouldn’t do as a parent I’ve fallen victim to, becoming comfortable in my parenting capabilities. Yes I have good kids, but the goal is for them to be great.

I’ve become complacent and comfortable, when I need to take what I’ve accomplished thus far and challenge myself to be an even better parent than I already am. I need to engage more even if it makes the older kids uncomfortable, even more talking, more one on one quality time with them, just more of ME.

Especially with the youngest, I definitely fell off on my mommy duties, I let the parent-trap called technology take over and I’ve been comfortable with it. I plan on turning off the television, shutting down the computer, no iPad or toys and engaging with my seven-year old.

I’ve found that he’s not so quick to express himself verbally and I take the blame for that, I’m not doing my job well enough. I think we’ve all fallen victim at some time or another to letting technology entertain or distract our children, while we try to have some “me” time. But you know what, when we decided to have children our little “me” time goes out the door.

It’s become way to easy to let a computerized gadget do the job that we should be doing, entertaining, educating and influencing our own children. They aren’t going to like me for this, but the goal is for them to love me for it in the long run. Sometimes you have to check yourself as a parent, a wife,sister, friend etc., and make sure you’re not just doing what’s expected but going the extra mile and doing the unexpected.

I have a ton to learn in this parenting game, and that’s the great thing about life…if we choose to, we can learn something new everyday…


3 thoughts on “#Demkids: Parent-trap

  1. Technology’s great (I love it), but you’re right – it can’t replace parental love and guidance. But it sounds like you’re doing a great job, especially since you’re always striving to learn and make improvements. My sister and I didn’t particularly enjoy spending “quality time” (if you can call it that) with our mom, but we did love the time we spent with our grandma. I remember when she’d back her truck underneath the cherry trees in her front yard, and we’d pick them together. When that was done, we’d all go to the kitchen, where she’d show us all the gadgets she had for pitting the cherries and making pie. Fun, educational, and delicious, lol ^-^’.

      1. Aw, it is! Loved every minute of it… especially since we got to stay there for a whole week each time we went. I’m sure you’ll make lots of great memories, on top of the ones you already have!

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