Fall/Winter Let Me Be Great…


May through August I must say my complexion is poppin’, the weather is great which means I’m spending more time outside getting some much-needed vitamin D and a dose of the naturale bronzer that only the rays of the sun can bestow upon my melanin-challenged skin.

Now I’m not high-yellow by far, but I definitely sit on the cusp of light-skinnedness and brown-skinnedness in my opinion, my brother likes to refer to me as “watered down” black on account of my light-skinnedness (insert side eye here). Needless to say during the summer roasting months I’m feeling myself, I walk around with my head held high feeling like an Egyptian goddess! You can’t tell me nothing son!

I love fall, comfy sweaters, hot chocolate, brisk air, the leaves changing colors, but two things I’m not looking forward to; my skin trying to encapsulate me in ash and eczema and the return of the pale.

I mean there is no self hate or anything I love my color, but I have to be honest I have a tab bit of dark brown girl envy. Dark brown girls get to enjoy their complexion all year round, I have to get in where I fit in within the summer months because the first crackle of my skin, I already know the pale is bound to set in (that rhymed he he).

I have to go back to lathering my skin with two different moisturizers and cocoa butter to make sure my skin doesn’t crack and burn. It’s rough for this light-brown girl in these fall/winter months, maybe the universe will feel my pain and be kind to me this autumn and winter.

Wishful thinking but highly doubtful…


3 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Let Me Be Great…

  1. Your complexion is always awesome! I usually love cold weather, but yeah it tends to make me a little paler. I love all skin colors, from the palest to the darkest, on other people. But I’ve always been insecure about my own color.

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