Random Thoughts: Petty Mean Girl vs. Mature Positive Heifer


Why does it seem like the more we grow, the less fun we are?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was the team captain #teampetty, in the past I have enjoyed, better yet marveled in my pettiness.

I was really good at being a petty mean girl.

Alright let me clear something up, I wasn’t petty or mean just for the sake of being petty or mean, it was always in response to someone doing or saying something crazy to me. I was one of those cut deep, hit below the belt type of bitches when crossed.

Now, I’m learning that every action doesn’t call for a reaction, sometimes the best revenge is no revenge. Especially, if the person thinks they know you and are expecting for you to react in a certain way.

I decided that giving energy, especially negative energy to people who truly mean nothing to me is something I didn’t want to continue to do.

Looking back, I laugh at some of the things I’ve said in response to someone else, but in all actuality I gave that person power over me, by allowing them to “make” me do something. Respond.

The power of “ignore that hoe” is amazing, I’m fully aware that some cases are a little more complex and “ignore that hoe” may not work and that’s when I say you are well in your right to “check that hoe”. #I’mjustsayin

So now I’m #teammaturepositiveheifer and I guess that’s not a bad team to play for, not that I don’t have the urge to cross over to #teampetty. I practice restraint, ask hubby that ish is dumb hard for me, I’ve been the MVP for #teampetty for about 20 years.

But hey I’m a work in progress…



6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Petty Mean Girl vs. Mature Positive Heifer

  1. Lmao, #teampetty ^-^! This reminds me of a classmate I had telling me to get meaner/more petty with someone who’d been bothering me. I couldn’t do it, because I couldn’t think of anything to say, lol.

    But you’re right, the “high road” can be a hard road to take sometimes. After graduating college, I’d still sometimes run into people who knew my mom. They’d say things which weren’t so nice, and I’d do my best to just tell them to have a good day. I was screaming on the inside, but I also didn’t want to portray myself in the same light my mother (clearly) had. I always forget that giving someone your negative attention is giving them time, energy, and power that they don’t deserve from you. I’m glad you posted this!

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