What does having a social media presence mean to me?

The opposite of what its suppose to mean…self expression, free therapy, a place to leave my thoughts, an outlet to break up the monotony of everyday life.

I use twitter to tweet my blog posts, same for tumblr, I don’t instagram because I hate how I look in pictures and I don’t want to bore people with pictures of my kids. I still enjoy Facebook, mainly because it’s losing its popularity, it’s not “cool” therefore it’s just right for me.

The best part of not being a popular blogger or “present” within social media, is my thoughts are mine, my personality is authentically mine, I’m not “fronting” because now I’m a “brand” and I have to worry about what my sponsors think of me or what I say.

I do this because I literally have a lot of shit on my mind, and posting to this blog helps keep me sane.

Plan and simple, when it turns into a “job” I’ll probably quit, because honestly I don’t want to have to filter myself or change what I say to fit into a mold that can’t hold me.

If you get something out of shit I have to say, that’s awesome, if you don’t that’s still awesome, that’s the best part of blogging without the intention of being a blogger on the road to “public figure”.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a public figure if that’s what you want, that shit takes work and I don’t see how some of these people do it. Constantly checking yourself because the “light” is on you and you don’t or can’t be seen in a certain way.

I enjoy being a nobody who talks shit when I feel like it… there’s something freeing about that…


4 thoughts on “What does having a social media presence mean to me?

  1. That really is the best part – being able to say what you want, uncensored. I really wish it were possible to have the “social” part of social media, unfettered by judgmental garbage, and unreasonable pressure to only say certain things. I love blogs/vlogs where people share how they really feel.

    I still don’t know how I feel about the whole social media experience in general. One thing that feels a little weird to me, is that it seems people give me more credit for what I say if they think I’m male. And if I don’t go out of my way to let them know I’m female, they assume I’m male. So, I’ve been a little conflicted in some cases over whether to let people continue thinking I’m a guy, so that I can have a little more freedom of expression than I would otherwise.

    1. That’s tough but hey let them assume and when and if they find out otherwise let their assumption make an “ass” out of them. I think the idea of a woman not being aloud to voice her opinion is bullshit, obviously only an insecure man or woman would feel that way. Having your own voice is a right not an option bases on your gender.

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