I feel Guilty but I don’t…F*$k it


I like Love RATCHET TV!

So I promised myself and hubby that I would make an effort to give up the type of television shows that contribute nothing but pure unadulterated fuckery to society.

Can I just be honest and say this shit is harder than my diet!

I know its wrong, but I can’t help myself. It’s entertainment right? Why can’t I enjoy the hot mess that is Love & Hip-hop Hollywood?

It’s comparable to a soap opera with real people, no one ever says soap opera’s perpetuate negative stereotypes of the people who are inspired by the stories, so why are we so hard on ratchet reality tv?

If you were ever forced to watch The Bold and the Beautiful at your grannies house back in the day, you know that, that show is ratchet as hell! At one point one of the main characters was dating another character, married his dad and had kids by his dad, slept with the dude again and thought one of the kids was his only to find out it was the dads WTF! If that shit ain’t ratchet I don’t know what is.

I get the feeling that soap opera’s are more acceptable because of the “packaging” of the story lines, but when you get down to the meat of it, the shit is ratchet tv too.

I feel like a fat kid sneaking cookies in the middle of the night, watching ratchet tv on my lunch break at work because I don’t want to feel judged by hubby. He doesn’t understand how hard it was going from having seven different trash television shows to now two and a half (Love & Hip-hop Hollywood, Basketball Wives LA & The Real Housewives of Atlanta) I say half because I think after this season Basketball Wives LA won’t be returning. I think I should be allowed these harmless vices, I also watch the discovery channel and get my learn on about space, nature and shit. I read books, I think I’m fairly cultured for a city girl who grew up in the “hood”.

Watching stupid people do stupid shit is entertaining to me, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be like any of the people, I don’t admire their lifestyles.  I honestly get a kick out of them making fools of themselves. I’m fully aware that is not very mature/cultured or Buddha like, but hey I’m not afraid to say I’m faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from perfect.

I think I’m a good person, I follow the rules that society has imposed on me via brainwashing (laws), and the education system. I deserve the right to sit down on a Sunday/Monday and watch bitches talk to shit to each other and throw bows without judgement.

I’m just saying, can I live?



4 thoughts on “I feel Guilty but I don’t…F*$k it

  1. I never got fully into reality tv (aside from the old format of “Last Comic Standing, and a few of the “Jackass” movies), but I can definitely see the appeal. (Even though I feel guilty too) Yes, watching dumb people do dumb things can be very entertaining. I think what had been turning me off to it before was the fact that (for a long time) I had a lot of friends who acted just like the people on those shows, and I was living with someone who acted like that too. So, since watching tv was one of my escapes from it all, reality tv reminded me a little too much of my own life, lol ^-^. But it is a lot more entertaining now!

  2. Oh yeah, and I do remember one of my elderly babysitters always forcing me to watch “The Young and the Restless” and “All My Children” with her… torture, lol ^-^!

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