Self Entitlement and Selfish People

It really bothers me when I hear/have heard a person who has excessively more than others complain about what they don’t have (wants), and justify why they can’t do anything for others (charity).

We as a society are extremely wasteful, our “wants” definitely out weigh our needs, and to hear someone talk about how they want an expensive hand bag, yet they don’t have enough money to give to charity is nauseating.

This isn’t a post to toot my horn, but I give and I know I could be giving more, in other forms outside of monetary. I could give way more of my time, but I just think it takes a selfish ass person to talk about how they want all these flashy things, or man to take care of them, yet they do nothing for anyone but themselves (and occasionally the people they know).

Let’s just say I’m glad I’m no longer associated with the person who gave me the inspiration for this post.

I’m just mad I didn’t end the friendship sooner based on these types of things instead of the petty reason the friendship was ended.



7 thoughts on “Self Entitlement and Selfish People

  1. I unfortunately don’t have enough money to live let alone to buy expensive things. I do however, try to devote as much time as I can to various different causes that I believe in. If I can’t give money then I can at least give something. That person sounds very selfish though. At least you’re no longer associated with them, no matter what the reason.

      1. No they don’t and it really is. It’s so much more important. Money you can get back, time you can’t. Once that time is gone. It’s just simply gone.

  2. Wow, I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone like that either. I’m glad you were able to end the friendship! This reminds me of something an acquaintance in their 60’s once told me. She said one of her biggest regrets in life stretched all the way back to elementary school – She completely dropped one of her best friends because she was very poor, and she didn’t want to become stigmatized for having poor friends. She was so concerned with popularity and money, that she didn’t realize what a good friend this girl was to her, or how much more her time/friendship meant to this one individual than to all of her rich friends combined. She told me the thing that saddened her most (in retrospect) was that she knew this girl had no friends other than herself, and now she has no idea what happened to her. Now she wishes she’d maintained their friendship, invited her to a few birthday parties, and maybe shared a little food with her (since she always had more than she needed). Her story really resonated with me, because I’d always been “the poor friend” growing up, lol ^-^. And, thinking back on it, I really did appreciate the little things that people did to help sometimes. Because of this, when I was in elementary school, I always enjoyed helping out in the school’s community service programs. There wasn’t much to eat at home, but I enjoyed helping my school feed people who had nothing to come home to.

    1. I think people should want to help others no matter what, I’m not rich by far but if I can do something for at least one person who needs it I feel like I’ve done a little. Like I said I know I could be doing more and I plan on doing more the only thing stopping me from helping is me. I’m fortunate to have all the things I need and if I can help and inspire someone else to help others isn’t that the real point of it all.

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