Random Thoughts: Star Wars and other Funny ish


A clear sign that someone isn’t a Star Wars fan, when you make witty/quirky references and silence is the only response. Evidently a friend of my husband didn’t get the memo. He’s been making Star Wars references for god knows how long to one of his friends, and while in attendance for the latest reference my husband poses the question to the friend “Are you a Star Wars fan?” his response is, “No, not really”.

LMAO! This is priceless, I couldn’t make it up if I tried. So the other friend responds, “I’ve made Star Wars references for like ever and you never said anything, letting me look like a jerk…I’m going to have to reevaluate our friendship”. 

I thought this was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a minute. As a friend why would you continue to let your friend make references about something you clearly have no background of? It just seems like a cruel, hella funny joke, why not just say “hey friend, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, can you please stop or clue me in.” LMAO!

Have you ever gotten a response from someone and it took you a good 10 minutes to reply back and the only thing you could say was “true”, because you didn’t know how to answer? No, my hubby did and I almost rolled out of my seat laughing because I knew that “true” wasn’t the real response he wanted to give.

I like to read and/or watch hilarious things on public transportation so that people can look at me and wonder what’s so funny. Is that weird? #kanyeshrug

I have the best laughs with my husband, our humor is almost identical. He gets me and I get him, its awesome to have someone to laugh with even when no one else gets it…



3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Star Wars and other Funny ish

  1. Ok, that whole story is hilarious! I wonder what that guy thought all of the silences meant… But yeah, it really is great being able to share a sense of humor with one’s spouse (yeah, sometimes they’re the only one who “gets it”)! Lmao on the public transit thing. I’ve done that before, and had people staring ^.^’.

    This is also funny, because I had my own Star Wars scenario (sort of) yesterday. One of my husband’s co-workers asked him out to the up-coming Star Wars movie, “Hey man, my girlfriend doesn’t like Star Wars, so I thought the two of us could go! But if I can’t find anyone else who wants to see it, I won’t go.” He was floored when my husband told him, “My wife loves Star Wars, and I’m going to see it with her first.” This guy reallllly won’t take a hint… this happens all the time, and it seems like he has a crisis of faith every time he’s told, “Yes, my wife is female, AND likes fun things”. or “No, my wife actually is my best friend.” This guy’s responses are always so stupid, they’re funny: “Wow! Your wife likes comic books? I guess I need to respect her now.” or “Wow! I didn’t know a woman could…[insert anything].”

    1. Wow, some people are extremely ignorant. But I get it, my husband gets the same reaction when people find out I don’t mind him playing video games. Evidently there is a whole nation of women who despise video games and the men who love them lol.

      1. Yeah, I keep noticing that; I was beginning to think I was imagining it. But you’re right – there are so many people who seem to be playing this game: men like video games/fun things, and women don’t. And if they find out that you’re not playing said game, they can’t process/handle it. I hear so many guys say things like “Women are no fun.”, but if you are “fun”, then that’s bad too.

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