Recap: Being Mary Jane, S3 E1 & 2


So I really have enjoyed this show from the début of the mini series that turned into the television series a few years back. I’ve decided that it’s worthy of a weekly recap for those on the fence about viewing and anyone looking to discuss on this platform.

Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) is a single woman with style, class and a high-powered career as a host of a popular news program. On paper, she has it all, except one thing…love.”

Season 3 of Being Mary Jane picks up from the season 2 finale, Mary Jane getting into a really bad accident after overhearing a telephone conversation between her best friend Lisa and her ex-boyfriend with whom she’s still in love with.

Evidently thirst bucket Lisa, who is definitely no ones friend. Had a thing for David whom she met before Mary Jane was introduced to him. David placed Lisa in the friend box, but that didn’t stop her from cleaning his pipe at some point after he and Mary Jane broke up. David and Mary Jane have had a tumultuous relationship since the inception of the relationship.

From the looks of the accident last season it didn’t look too bad, but evidently the writers and producer’s needed to up the ante with the story line.

So we find out that Mary Jane has basically broke her face, (if you know what Gabrielle Union looks like than you already know she’s gorgeous) she’s needs her face to report the news, so obviously this is a game changer for SNC who isn’t interested in keeping her trouble making ass around anymore. So if her face is jacked up and they can spin her being intoxicated while behind the wheel, they can kick ole girl to the curb.

Her father gives David a miny beat down after finding out what happened to lead Mary Jane accident. Her BFF runs like a biatch once the fisticuffs come out.

So Mary Jane’s face is broke (she has to get plastic surgery to fix the damage caused by the accident) her job is on the line, her best friend screwed her ex man at some point and now she has the guilt of hurting someone else. Enter CeCe played by Loretta Divine, initially CeCe seems like a sweet old lady who doesn’t have insurance and is part of the accident. (we’ll get to see ole girl is smart as hell and a hustler when we get to episode 2) Mary Jane visits her in her room (she initially was stuck in the hall until MJ said something to the staff) and chats her up, apologizing for the role she played in the accident and upon leaving the hospital sends a check for 3k her way.

Episode 1 is pretty uneventful, there are other little stories happening involving MJ’s eldest brother Patrick who is a recovering addict, left to care for his youngest daughter last season after her mom was locked up for shoplifting.

All of the men who MJ screwed between seasons 1 & 2 reach out to her via text to find out if she’s alright, but the only man who shows up for her is her baby brother Paul Jr. He tries to school her to the inner workings of black men born with silver spoons up their asses, in their mouths. They end the conversation concluding that basically educated black men who come from money ain’t shit.

The last scene leaves MJ heading off with Lisa who talked her brother Patrick into bringing her there in the middle of the night, to explain herself. MJ reluctantly decides to talk to thirst bucket, and lets her have it, and I loved every minute of it (#pettymeangirl).

If I’m Mary Jane I’m thinking, bitch you sucked off the man I thought I’d eventually end up marrying and having children with, and to ease your guilty conscious you have the nerve to come to my house in the middle of the night, while I’m healing my broke quasi motto looking face. #Bitchplease!

Ultimately, MJ ends her tirade with “I love you, but Imma need a minute”.

Episode 2

After MJ pretty much showed her ass last season the executives at SNC felt they were unable to “control” her, she’s been pretty much walking on thin ice.

She can’t go back to work for three weeks, which leaves her producer and good friend Kara left to hold down the fort and make sure MJ comes back to a job.

Enter sneaky ass back stabbing SNC executives cutting a side deal to protect their asses from CeCe (ole girl from the car accident). So they offer CeCe a bogus deal, because they think she’s ignant, but she sets their ass straight and schools them walking away with a cool 110K.

MJ’s face is healing pretty well, she no longer resemble’s quasi motto, she speaks with her lawyer about her options and sends him off to do his job.

CeCe pops up at MJ’s crib to basically extort her ass (she’s paid a nurse to give her a copy of MJ’s blood work and the fact that MJ wrote her a personal check stating she was sorry in the memo line, now makes her look like she was responsible for the accident), she signed a nondisclosure statement that protected SNC, but it didn’t (of course it didn’t) include MJ. CeCe thinks the accident was her blessing and she needs her blessing to pay up “25 G’s chief” (hustle man from Martin).

MJ kicks CeCe to the curb, while this impromptu meeting is taking place at MJ’s home, SNC’s lawyers are meeting with her lawyers. MJ’s lawyers are useless and get their asses handed them, they lie when they speak to her to comfort her. She asks about the possibility of being sued for the accident, they inform her that nondisclosure protects her (or so they think, what kind of dumbass lawyers are these? they’d be fired lawyers if they were mine) and as long as there is no omission of fault on her part. (which we know there is)

So MJ ultimately ends up making a deal with CeCe to give her the 25 G’s. In the meantime a group representing Latino presence in television shows up at the station and blackmailed the executives into putting a Latino(a) in the Prime-time slot (MJ’s slot) I’m seeing the theme this seasons is extortion/blackmail.

MJ and Kara discuss her potential replacement, without knowing the decision is already made. MJ wants to put an actual ugly black woman, in her seat to keep it warm, while playing up the whole “ugly black woman” controversy she stirred up last season.

CeCe shows up for her money, money MJ doesn’t have and they watch the new Latina on television while debating W.E.B Dubois and lazy black folks. MJ hates on her and CeCe digs the knife in a little deeper but calling her on her bs and telling her she better go get her job back, and that she wants 5k a week until her blessing is realized.

MJ takes CeCe’s advice, puts her face on and her Saturdays’ club best (who dresses like this to go to work, I mean she looked hot, but a bandage dress? word), we’re left with MJ dissing and dismissing the hot Latina taking her throne at the head of the table. I’m pretty sure she’s started some ish with her little visit to the office.

All in all the season opener wasn’t bad, hopefully the whole David relationship is buried in a cemetery and stays buried. I’m tired of hearing his name and seeing his face, I thought MJ was getting somewhere when she got with Gary Dourdan’s character last season, but she pissed in his bed one too many times and they broke up. At least she isn’t banging married men anymore, I’m looking forward to the story-line evolution of Patrick  and seeing if MJ finds love.

Will you guys be tuning in for being Mary Jane? Airs Wednesday nights @ 10 pm on BET


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