Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E5 – Hot Seat


“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  – Ayn Rand

SNC decides MJ still is not ready to go back on air, she pulls a power play and donates to Rainbow Push Coalition in hopes it could give her leverage in forcing SNC to put her back on the air. This helps but not in the way MJ was expecting it to, which is to be back on air in a few days instead of a few weeks which was the offer given to SNC by Rainbow Push Coalition; who is backed by Jesse Jackson. When asked by a horde of journalist when she would be back on primetime, MJ answers to everyone’s surprise “Monday”.

MJ later takes back her donation and realizes she made a mistake in speaking with the news on her return.

Niecy is in her feelings, her father Patrick is getting himself together in hopes of being a better father for his younger daughter. I get why she’s pissed but at the same time she’s a grown woman with kids, she should give her dad a pass considering he wants to change for the better. Yeah it’s not beneficial to her or her sister, whom both share the same parents, but she should want to see her younger sister benefit from his change. Especially since baby mama is an ex-con ex-addict. Niecy is being team too much IMO, evidently she called her mother and we finally get to see Jilly from Philly. (Yay)

MJ heads off with Greg, SNC executive asshole, I really don’t like him but he makes some really great points on how unprofessional and ungrateful MJ is.

Niecy and Mama (Jackie) reunites at Mama and Daddy Patterson’s house, I love the shade Mama Patterson always throws. They talk about work and helping Niecy get to where she wants to be in life.

MJ hits the town with Mark and her new hair cut, they talk over drinks about the potential of cutty buddy becoming her man. Mark gives great advice about MJ waiting for the one to find her, which I agree with. When you force the hand in trying to find a relationship it usually doesn’t turn out to be right. There’s talk of “tops” and “bottoms” and MJ catches the eye of sexy white chocolate.

MJ is back on air, I think Greg tried to sabotage her to prove his point about her not being prepared. I’m glad she was actually prepared and able to keep it moving after the teleprompter “broke” down.

Niecy is a cunt, she gets in her feelings as usual, her character really annoys me.

MJ celebrates her return, I love that she took the criticism she received from Greg as constructive criticism and is putting in effort to be #flawless.

Patrick reunite’s with baby mama Jackie, (I love Jill’s short hair) they reminisce and Jackie let’s Patrick know he needs to put his foot in Niecy’s ass. He let’s her know she needs to be an active participant in their daughters lives. She apologizes for leaving when times got rough for him, and admits her job isn’t as glamorous as everyone thinks. Of course they get it in, come on it’s being Mary Jane, sex is a given.

MJ heads out for another night on the town with Kara who can’t make it out after all, but surprisingly white chocolate makes his move, could he be the one? Mark did say wait for the one to come to you and white chocolate shows up. They have a little make out session at the club. (I’m sorry being fingered in the club by some strange dude is not cute)

Jilly from Philly departs leaving Niecy to continue being a cunt as usual, but gives her great advice on getting her shit together.

MJ admits to Mark she kissed her first white boy, MJ is unimpressed with the numbers, but Kara finds a way to make her feel better about it. The episode ends with MJ at home with a glass of wine and cigar in hand all smiles enjoying her moment.

Noticeable absent this episode was CeCe, this episode definitely felt like a filler, but all in all it wasn’t bad.

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7 thoughts on “Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E5 – Hot Seat

  1. Lmao, I actually kind of missed CeCe in this episode. Niecy reminds me of some relatives I have. Yeah, I love how the writers have MJ both get her way (being back on the air), and take Greg’s “message” to heart and use it to her own advantage. I agree with the friend’s advice too… you shouldn’t have to force yourself to think someone’s “the one”.

    1. That’s been MJ’s problem since season one, she always has to be in control when it comes to everything, and she tries hard to force love/relationships with men who clearly don’t have the same vision she has. I’ve known plenty of women who have done this and it has never turned out right.

      1. Me too, lol. The woman I used to live with would do that all the time, with all the men in her life. She would (surprisingly) come to me for advice about it, not take the advice, and then ruin her relationships. “Hey, I want to call my son and tell him to support me. Do you think I should do it? No? Well, I’ll do it anyway…”; “Hey, I’ve been dating this guy for a month, and I think I should call him up and pressure him to marry me… that’s a bad idea? I’ll do it anyway.”; “Hey, this guy friend of mine has a huge house, and I think he should invite me over. You think I should call him? No? Why not?”

      2. Lmao! Yeah… I used to cringe every time we’d have one of those conversations, because I always knew how it was going to end. She’d pick up the phone and, “Hey Ken, you have a big house, so I was just wondering…” Oh no!

      3. Yeah… I could barely believe it myself. You’d have to see her in action. I never told anyone until a while after I moved out, just because I didn’t think anyone would believe I wasn’t exaggerating about the behavior.

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