Pimp Game 101

Pimp as defined by Webster’s dictionary – a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return.
How does a pimp gain control of said prostitutes? By making them think they need him, does this concept sound familiar to you? It should.

Social media has and will always be “our” pimp, how so? You might ask. Let’s look a little closer at our pimp friend called social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and various blogging websites including WordPress. What’s the main focus of an individual utilizing any of these outlets on any given day? Getting noticed/attention of any kind; “likes”, retweets, reposts and whatever happens on Tumblr (I’m not absolutely sure what Tumblr is, even though I have Tumblr, peep the social media pimp game? smh)

“How many followers or friends you got?” You ain’t shit if it’s anything less the one thousand boo boo.

What do those “likes” and retweets mean? They mean other people (people you probably don’t know, but for some reason you care about how they view you) like what you have to say or enjoy your witty or not so witty awkward comments, or the selfie of you in your bathroom that isn’t any different from the other thousand or so pictures of you in your bathroom, at the beach, at your cousins cookout,  or in a club. They essentially give you a false sense of importance.

Want to know how I know? How long have you gone without checking one of your many social media applications on your phone? Ahhhhhhh now you’re getting it (or at least I hope you are) Social media is your pimp homie, sorry to be the one to tell you, but it’s made you think you need it to be “social”, it’s made you believe it’s the only way to get yourself out there where the “people” can see you, the only way to brand yourself or your business.

You give it your money willingly, yes you do want to know how? Why are you showing off those new shoes or earrings you purchased immediately after you purchased them? Because you purchased them for your pimp social media, so that social media can reward you with “likes”, follows and comments.

All of your hashtags and grandstanding is just another way to get social media to notice you, because you feel less than when you aren’t being noticed. Your pimp social media did that to you, social media made you think the number of followers, friends, “likes” and retweets are all a measure of some kind of invisible social media success.

You even call yourself a public figure now because you have soooooo many followers, errrbody know’s who you are, YES! you made it! you even get free shit sent your way by companies looking to use you as a free marketing tool.

How do you free yourself from your pimp social media? Put down your phones/computers/tablets and live life instead of pretending to live it for likes…




7 thoughts on “Pimp Game 101

  1. Wow, you’re right… even with all of the negative feelings I have towards social media, I’d never thought of it this way. It’s a really good analogy! I’m pretty guilty of only putting my “good” pictures up on fb… and I began doing that after “friends” made fun of me for posting regular everyday ones, telling me, “Don’t you want people to think you’re pretty?” or “Smile in more of your pictures, that’s what people want”. I had a friend who confessed to me that before taking photos for fb, she might not eat for days (so she’d look as thin as possible), and she’d do dozens of retakes of the same photo. She told me that she felt “too ordinary”, so she’d try to make her life sound “perfect” to make other people admire her. The social media game is really sad.

      1. Definitely, I started noticing how bad it was when interacting with people in person and noticing how they would post about hanging out with me and it being fun, but not interacting with me. Just seemed strange, like what’s the point, more than half of your social media “friends” don’t know me.

      2. Oh my god… that’s pretty bad. But I know what you mean – a lot of my female friends began using every place we went, and every little ordinary thing that happened, as an opportunity to take selfies, or a group photo, to try and look “sexy” or “popular”, even though we weren’t actually doing anything that exciting or important. Even my guy friends began using it to try and look stronger/smarter than they really were.

  2. I quit Facebook a year ago and I don’t miss a thing. I thought I would miss out those friends but my true friends keep in touch with me via email and phone calls. The other people I have not heard from them.

    I like WordPress because I treat it as a place to vent my thoughts and keep a journal for my kids. I don’t really blog for popularity for page views and it’s nice to go back and read my old thoughts to see how far we have grown. I couldn’t do that with Facebook because of the daily feeds from other people.

    I don’t have Twitter, IG, or any other social media accounts. I guess I am not that social and I am ok with it.

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