Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E6 – Don’t call it a comeback


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

A girls night out is how this episode begins, MJ and a few of her journalist friends have girl talk at a lounge. I think this is the best part of the series for me watching grown mature adults have some shallow, some very intellectual conversation whether that be in MJ’s home over dinner or at a night club.

White chocolate makes an appearance (evidently she was hoping to see him which explains the choice in venue), it seems MJ is taking Mark’s advice in not seeking anything serious with cutty buddy. But by her going to the club waiting like some kind of stalker for white chocolate to show up she’s doing the exact opposite of what he told her, which is to let love come to here. She’s a glutton for punishment.

MJ gets boy advice from her new stylist enlisted by her friend Nichelle.

I hate that MJ is semi selling out, because she wants to focus all her energy in catching a new man. Just reaffirms the silly notion that all a woman needs is some good “D”/a man all will be right with the world.

Cutty buddy has a seizure after a session with MJ, she’s so fucking insensitive! How are you gonna say “seizures aren’t silly” when this dude was there for you when you lost your best-friend, through yo ugly cry . C’mon SON! I get not wanting anything serious with dude but at least be a little sensitive to his medical issues.

Mark is outed when a photo of him making out with a man hits the net, SNC only cares about how this can benefit the station. Mark isn’t thrilled about this at all, he isn’t interested in being the face of the LGBTQ community. Mark tells SNC to kick rocks after they take away the most important part of his job, being in the field.

Where the fuck did MJ’s scar go? What was the point of writing in the accident if they were going to speed her healing process up so unrealistically.

I get that MJ is playing nice with SNC and not causing trouble, where is her voice in the conversation over immigration reform and voter rights. I don’t like the primetime MJ, I like the old talk back MJ.

Kara heads off with Marisol, I really hope they revisit this relationship and the dynamics of Latino women and what it means to be this kind of minority in the workplace.

I hate that MJ actually is trying to convince Mark to go back to SNC, I really like Mark and what he stands for. I wish we got a little insight on him like we did with Kara.

MJ actually takes some time to try to get to know cutty buddy, who’s name is Brandon. (I like that name, and I like knowing his name) MJ is such a fucking hypocrite, like she doesn’t have issues but evidently cutty buddy’s seizures are tooo much. (I’m revisiting my hate that I had for MJ in season one)

I like that we get to see more of Nichelle, MJ was super nasty to her in the past. I love that the writers are showing women having grown ass conversations about sex, which is what real women do.

Mark to my surprise he sticks to his guns and decides to keep it moving on his own turns. He heads off with MJ over not being allowed to be real journalist. Where has MJ’s integrity gone?

MJ runs back to the freak lounge to see white chocolate and that’s how episode six ends.

This episode was blah, I’m going to need them to bring Cece back ASAP.

What did you guy’s think of this episode?





3 thoughts on “Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E6 – Don’t call it a comeback

  1. Lol, I miss Cece too ^-^! Aside from the extortion thing, she’s funny and smarter than she lets on. Yeah, the Kara/Marisol clash was interesting… looking forward to a more in-depth story line about that. I was a little disappointed in MJ’s character this week – that really was hypocritical of her to recoil at Brandon’s seizures, like he was a pigeon on the sidewalk, when she’d come to him for comfort during her own time of crisis. And to try and convince Mark to play along with SNC’s new little game… where is MJ the fighter? It was nice to see the writers admit that women talk about sex too.

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