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Trolls/Trolling seems to be the thing to do on the interwebs, honestly I’m not sure what the purpose of trolling is exactly. I mean I get the why, hate filled idiots “troll” the interwebs, it’s like a safe haven for them. They can spew all kinds of obscenities and make no sense at all to all of the common-sensical people in the world from the safety of their own homes hidden behind a computer screen.

The trolling I’m referring to comes from people you may have once been friends with or in a relationship with. If you have no plans on every speaking to this person every again in life socially, why go stalk their social media accounts?

Now we’ve all been a little curious on the happenings of exes, and ex-friends and might find ourselves checking on them to see how they are, you know the harmless stuff. It becomes unhealthy and “trolly” when you first of all have some sort of disdain or hate for the person and yet you find yourself looking at their various social media outlets. (I know this first hand, someone I ended a friendship with it found it necessary to bash me and my husband in blog posts, I’m guessing to make themselves feel good about not having us in their lives)

This is the only social media outlet where I feel I have no control over who can potentially “troll” me. Especially in the case of friendships that have recently ended badly.

On my Facebook account I’m very familiar with the “block” button, my husband disagrees and actually finds the idea of someone with whom he no longer has a relationship/friendship with “trolling” him hilarious. I don’t, it’s pathetic and it’s kind of scary when you think about it, you don’t know what people are capable of especially when they hate you. So in order to keep the potential psycho’s at bay I will practice the art of “blocking a hoe”.

Unfortunately I can’t “block a hoe” from viewing my blog (I can thwart the ignorance a little by controlling the comments section as much as possible)

I don’t mind the idiotic “trolling” I find it quite comical, and honestly I don’t know these people so who gives a shit what they think. (Obviously I’m either not interesting enough or offensive enough to have any current trolls, but I’m hoping that will change in the future, I’m sorry idiots are fun ^_^). I mean to an extent I don’t care what the ex-friends think either but I made you an ex for a reason, whether you agree with it or not. With the title of ex you are no longer privy to the goings on of my life, especially if you are fully aware that I blocked yo ass on every other social media outlet. DUH you aren’t welcome, do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!

Am I the only one who feels like “trolling” from people you know is stalkerish?



7 thoughts on “Trolling – Cyber Stalkers

    1. Wow, that sounds horrible and expensive.
      Thanks for following my craziness, I look forward to checking out your blog.

      1. Family court is extremely bias in the case of men, unfortunately every thing you guys do is wrong, even when its the right thing.

  1. I hear you on this one! I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with it. Yeah, it can be scary. I definitely agree that it’s stalkerish… my mom did that until I blocked her. She even began harassing other people I was friends with on social media. My sister told me that she would sit at her computer for hours, scrolling through years worth of my posts, trying to find something to get mad about. I think the last straw was when she started posting pictures of dead people and roadkill to my wall. When I finally blocked her, she threatened to tell lies about me in “retaliation”.

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