I Changed My “Name”


Well I didn’t change my real name, I just changed the name of this blog. I originally chose the name to match the name of my now deactivated YouTube channel.  I decided it made sense to change the name to reflect what this blog is really about. ME! and all my gloriousness.

I also did a little social media purging, I deleted my Facebook “page” honestly I don’t see the point of having a blogger page, if I want to share my thoughts via this blog, I’ll just share it to my personal Facebook page.

Honestly I’m not a “public figure” and I’m not a blogger in the sense that I’m looking to gain notoriety, popularity or income from doing this, so all the extra work of trying to interest “followers” was essentially a waste of time. I also deleted that Tumblr thing that I had no real use for and I’m currently having a battle with Twitter; I’m trying to delete that account as well, but it seems Twitter is the devil and has decided it’s going to frustrate the shit out of me to sway me from deactivating it.

Since Twitter wants to be a tool, I just unlinked it from this blog and I plan on never using it EVER.

So I’m down to one form of social media, that being Facebook, me thinks I’m winning my battle for social media autonomy.

Any who welcome to “Adventures of T”, I hope you weren’t hoping for change in content because there isn’t, I just changed the name #thatisall. Sorry to disappoint you…



3 thoughts on “I Changed My “Name”

  1. I like the new name! And I’m glad the writing style will remain the same ^-^. Yeah, I’ve been trying Twitter recently, and I’m failing to see the appeal. I’ve wound up forgetting about it for days, maybe weeks on end. Oh, I went through that when trying to deactivate my art site account… it doesn’t seem to want to let its members go. I’d delete my work from it, only to find out that it was still there, lol ^-^.

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