Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E7 – “If the shoes fits…”


“Get it…you deserve it!”– Says the 80% of American’s living in debt

It’s yo burfday! Who in thee hell spends thirty geez chief on a got damn purse? MJ that’s who (in my Jim Jones voice “Ballin”). What in the royal fuck is wrong with people? On my richest day you wouldn’t catch me wasting money on somebodies Birkin bag. Hell to the naw!

Like for real it’s a fucking bag yo! You put shit in it that doesn’t come close to the price of the bag.  The car (Tesla) was hot though, she basically purchased four cars. (As ya’ll can see I can’t get over the freaking bag purchase)

Mark is moving and selling his home and MJ is upset about it. MJ can’t enjoy her burfday because the world hasn’t stopped turning in her honor. Momma Patterson has an accident and MJ rushes to the family house to see about her after a call from her brother Patrick. She finds her brother in the kitchen preparing a cake and PJ shows up from LA, which leads MJ to believe the family is preparing a big shindig for her burfday.

Patrick and his co-works do drugs during work hours in the break room (wtf).

Mark and Kara bound as he prepares to depart SNC.

MJ’s SNC family helps her celebrate her burfday in the office, drama drama drama. MJ finds out about the deal her brother made last season out in LA and she might have to report on it, conflict of interest? Definitely.

MJ heads to her parents home to find there is no surprise party in her honor. MJ confronts PJ over the mess in LA, MJ schools PJ about being the fall guy in this situation. The advice that MJ gives him she should actually take herself. “25 million may be a lot of money but it can’t buy you a piece of mind”, Yes I’m back on that damn bag, she needs to give that shit back!

Patrick just can’t get right I swear, I was hoping that his asking his father for help meant he’s finally getting himself together.

MJ has a nice tender moment with momma Patterson, as she takes care of her for the evening. After having the same discussion with Niecy she always has about being responsible, she admits to her father she had an abortion.

Mark surprises MJ with a cake as she arrives home, I’m going to miss him. I really hope he changes his mind and stays or come back, I hope they don’t kill his character off. I love that Lionel Richie was playing in the background during their scene lol. I think we all need a friend like Mark who holds no punches and tells us when we’re being dickheads. Mark bids farewell to the SNC family, it’s bittersweet for him but I get why he’s doing it.

The episode ends with the running man and Rob Bass, I miss 90’s hip hop.

Other happenings, Niecy and her new mall friends bond over baby daddy’s and discounts. I’m assuming but I’m guessing something is going to take place between them. Still no Cece, I’m giving up hope.





2 thoughts on “Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E7 – “If the shoes fits…”

  1. Ditto on the bag, oh my god that’s so much money ^.^! But that Tesla was beautiful (I love cars/machines in general). MJ pretty much summed up how she felt birthday experience “should” be going in the car, “I’m unforgettable.” She most definitely needs to start taking her own advice, what with all the good advice she gives to others. Mark’s send-off was a bit of a tear-jerker, but I still can’t get over how Cece just doesn’t seem to be returning. I don’t understand why Patrick is blowing his opportunity to prove himself to be a mature and responsible father/adult… I swear, some of these characters really remind me of some aunts and uncles that I have.

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