Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E8 – Wake up call


Sorry guys I haven’t watched the show but here is a great recap as well as the full video if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it. As quickly as I’ve fallen in love with this season it seems I’ve fallen out of love just as fast. I’m slowly realizing the writers are all over the place, and I’m losing interest. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I actually watch last nights episode, but enjoy and tell me what you thought in the comments!



One thought on “Recap: Being Mary Jane S3 E8 – Wake up call

  1. I think I know what you mean about the writers being all over the place… it seems like they’re lacking direction. I’m glad Cece put in another appearance (finally), but I wonder if they’ll bring her back again. Patrick’s kind of getting on my nerves, because he keeps screwing up and then telling everyone else that they “won’t give him a chance”; He’ll blame everyone but himself.

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