Random Thoughts: Holiday’s Suck!

random-thoughts-logo-sq-turq1I’ve never really cared to be jovial during the holiday seasons, I don’t celebrate so I obviously don’t get the hype of being happy and skipping around all day every day because of this fictitious thing called “Christmas spirit”. I mean honestly people should find a reason to be jovial all year round not just because they’re giving and receiving shit from people.

Sometimes while wishing I’d win the lottery I think of the scene in Half Baked (if you’ve never seen it…smh you shouldn’t be reading my blog if you’ve never seen it that’s all I’m going to say about that) where Scarface quits his job at a fast food restaurant and how fucking dope that would be to do in real life.


My youngest child talks like a robot when he speaks, which is weird because most kids pick up their speech patterns from the people that are around most. No one in our home talks like a robot but him, I think that makes him a fucking genius. Come on, that’s fly! everyone in your house is all regular and you’ve taken on this dope ass robot personality, only a genius could pull that off.

I haven’t spoken to my mother in almost a month, maybe it’s been a month and it feels good.

The chick I used to be friends with that I work with that I’m not friends with anymore, less and less as the days go by I feel like I don’t want to drop kick her or punch her in her throat. I guess that’s a good thing, I’m just amazed and kind of jealous at how fucking seamlessly fake she is with everyone at work. Like I know for a fact this chick dislikes most of the people she pretends to like at work, including me (now anyway) but you’d never be able to tell just by watching her. The shit is pretty magical and fucking Oscar worthy, fuck trying to move up in the company she should get an acting job, because she’s the best fucking actress I’ve seen in my life.

I finally finished this Anne Rice Prince Lestat book, and I’m kind of disappointed with the ending. Now I’m reading another called The New Jim Crow, it’s a pretty interesting read, the author is comparing the prison system in America to the Jim Crow era of segregation.  It’s definitely making me think differently on how I view(ed) convicted felons.

I need a vacation, like a stop being a punk ass and finally get on a plane and go somewhere tropical and tan type vacation.

I thought I had found the perfect pillow, until it stopped being perfect. Now I have a stiff neck constantly whenever I sleep on it, which causes me to have headaches. I’ve been sleeping on the throw pillow from my couch because it’s down and evidently my neck and head want down now instead of memory foam.

I’m contemplating writing a book, a fictional take on my life… it’s just a thought. I rarely follow through with any of the ideas that pop into my head except for this blog.

What’s up with you guys?





3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Holiday’s Suck!

  1. Feeling better after not having spoken to someone for a while has to be a sign that it’s helping; I know that not speaking to my own mom has done wonders for my emotional health. I love “Half Baked”! I miss the days when Chapelle was in movies (I remember seeing his interview with Oprah about his career). Aw, talking like a robot sounds sooooo cute (and yes, a genius ^-^)!

    Yeah, “Christmas spirit” is such a weird term… I like the idea of being happy, decorating the place, making food, etc. But you shouldn’t need an excuse to do that. And so many people get their priorities mixed up around the holidays, that it’s pretty obvious no one really cares about what the expression was originally supposed to mean. I don’t think “Christmas spirit” really exists in a society where we demonize the poor and the homeless, and deify the rich. I’ve met people who’ve complained to me about how having to think about the less fortunate on the holidays “ruins” their Christmas. My father’s mom was born on Christmas, and her parents told her that was a sign that she should spend her birthday “giving back”. She would spend every Christmas eve donating blankets and pies she’d made to programs for the poor in her area. I think that’s one of the closest things I can think of in terms of “Christmas spirit”.

    I saw the movie based on the Lestat novels (the one where the singer Aaliyah plays the vampire queen). I tried reading the actual books, but I must admit that I never finished, lol ^-^. “The New Jim Crow” sounds really interesting! And I think you’d write a great book. I’d read it.

    1. Wow sounds like your great grandparents were awesome! That’s really admirable that a person would give to others on their birthday. Yeah people definitely miss the point. Your friends and excuse my language are dicks for thinking like that. Queen of the Damned was the movie you saw and it was horrible in comparison to the book. I usually love everything vampire related that Anne Rice writes, it seems like she got bored or distracted at the end of the book and ended it in a weird way. We’ll see about the book lol, it’s good to hear I have at least one person who’d read it.

      1. Lol, thanks! I never met my great-grandparents, but they died kind of young. When that happened, the great-great grands took over raising her, and they gave her the same message. From what I’ve been told, they were very religious. They believed what they’d been taught on the reservation – that god would be mad if they didn’t spend Christmas helping others. Yeah, lol, they are dicks. That’s why I don’t talk to them anymore.

        Lmao, yeah that movie was pretty bad! I should go back and read the books… it’s a shame about the ending. I usually love vampire stories (except for the “Twilight” books). I remember making my own little comic book about vampires once (probably when I was 10 or something). My mom threw a fit… said it was “satanic”. But she used to tell me yogurt was satanic, so I never believed her.

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