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I haven’t done one of these in a minute (pun intended ^_^), so I’ve been listening to a ton of music lately including some old school throw backs. I’m going to start with the lack luster album I was kind of disappointed in when I listened to it, and I’m thinking maybe I need to listen again but I cringe when I think of having to listen to it again especially when thinking of her previous works.

Adele, 25; I know its shocking but I just don’t like this album. I can’t get into and I think I only purchased it because I thought it would be reminiscent to her other albums. I might be the only Adele fan who doesn’t like this album and I’m ok with being on the island alone in this case.

On to the albums I’m actually enjoying and are on repeat.

Alessia Cara, Know-It-All; This is a super cute and catchy pop/R&B album, I can listen to this album straight through on repeat my favorite song on the album is “Here”.  I don’t know it’s something about this girls voice that is alluring, she’s not necessarily a “sanger” (thing Whitney or gospel) but her voice is pleasing and different.

Lalah Hathaway, Lalah Hathaway Live; I love this album because it’s live, live vocals and instrumentation is dope when done properly and in this case it’s awesome. Lalah is the daughter of the late great Donnie Hathaway (if you don’t know who that is…I’ll stop there) She’s another unique voice that boast a rich tone and sound, she does this thing where her voice sounds like various chords. Pure dopeness.

Judith Hill, Back in Time; Before purchasing the album I had no idea who Judith was because I don’t watch the voice. But I’m definitely happy I got this album, it’s super funky. Another very unique voice (that’s a theme in this post I guess) my favorite song on the album is “turn up”, it reminds me of the 70s funk era.

BJ the Chicago Kid, Pineapple Now-Laters; This album is from 2012, Jill Scott raved about it during one of interviews and because I love Jilly from Philly I had to check it out and I wasn’t disappointed. He reminds me of Raheem Devaughn and Music Soul Child.

Erykah Badu, But You Caint Use My Phone; This is a mix tape and it’s weird as shit but it wouldn’t be Erykah Badu if it wasn’t and of course I like it because I’m a weirdo and I heart all things Ms. Badu.

DeBarge, The Ultimate Collection; This is an 80s throwback group, I was watching an episode of TV One’s unsung and realized how great this group was and I got the album. DeBarge is an R&B group out of Michigan, made up of siblings, El, Bunny, James, Randy and Mark. They pretty much fell from fame due to drugs. Not saying they would be making music today if the drugs never happened, but they are definitely worth taking a listen to, especially if you like songs like “One more chance”, Biggie Smalls which was sampled from DeBarge’s “Stay with me”. Quite a few of their hits were sampled by other artists.

Well those are a few of the artists I’m listening to at the moment. What are you guys’ listening to? I feel like I listen to too much R&B (like that could ever be a thing lol)




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  1. I liked “Set Fire to the Rain” when “25” came out (because I was learning it on keyboard), but I got tired of it, and tired of hearing that whole album constantly playing on tv and the radio everywhere. Alessia Cara does have a nice voice! I like “Here”… the people at the party remind me of a lot of people I met in college. I also like “Scars to Your Beautiful”. Badu was funny at the Soul Train Awards, and I like her music in general. I find “But You Caint Use My Phone” to be strangely pleasant – I love the bass and organ/keyboard especially, and I love “save the bees” on the album cover. I haven’t heard that particular Lalah Hathaway album, but I do love her voice – it’s very similar to her father’s. Oh wow, I remember DeBarge… but their only song I can remember clearly is “Rhythm of the Night”. I’ve neither heard of Judith Hill nor BJ the Chicago Kid, so I’ll have to check them out ^-^! I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much R&B, lol.

    My “taste” in music is all over the place, and I rarely find full albums I like. I usually collect songs and arrange them in lists (like slow to fast, quiet to loud, or simplistic to complex). I usually prefer female vocals, but these particular artists have my attention at the moment:
    1) Stromae – he sings a lot about sexism, family problems, and social media being bullsh!t. One of my favorite songs by him is “Tous Les Mêmes” (“All the Same”), talking about how much men and women have in common.
    2) Peter Gabriel – I’ve been listening to his stuff since I was little (because my dad liked him and had all his albums). I keep coming back to his music because many of his songs are about abuse of power and changing the future.
    3) Atmosphere – I think my favorite songs from them are “The Loser Wins” and “Smart Went Crazy”. I don’t like all of their stuff, but I can relate to a lot of their songs about the crazy people one meets in life.

    1. I’ll have to check them out, I’m all about new music. The only genre I don’t really care for nowadays is hip-hop. I love the hip-hop of past 90s more specifically.

      1. it’s terrible! you’ll see the difference if you listen to Tupac, Biggie, Wutang Clan, Nas, Cam’ron, Public Enemy just to name a few. There is no real substance to today’s hip hop.

      2. I see… it sounds terrible already! But I’ll still listen to a bunch for comparison ^-^. I’ve been hearing a lot of people making the same complaints about it lately.

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