Movie Romance≠Real Life Romance



Romance that happens in the movie’s is a total fraud! What happens in most of the movies that we have come to love and label classics doesn’t even come close to happening in real life. It can’t because the men in the movies don’t exist in real life, because they’re characters.

Not to say romance doesn’t exist outside of the movies, it just looks a little different.

I personally don’t like flowers, I mean I like looking at flowers outside of being captured and placed in a vase to die a slow death (yes that is how I actually look at it.) though it’s a thoughtful and very pretty gift, you are permanently destroying any potential beauty the flowers had by picking them and giving them to your loved one.

Chocolate is cool, but I don’t get them being romantic.  Chocolate covered anything being fed to me just makes for an awkward experience because I honestly don’t think I’m sexy and it just feels weird.

Poetry is definitely romantic IMO, but your average man isn’t poetically inclined (I also think intellectual people are extremely sexy).

I don’t really see dinner in a fancy restaurant as being romantic because I don’t think food is sexy, and I loooooooove food.

I think women writers created what they deemed romantic and put in movie’s in hopes that men would catch on and make their dreams come true.

I think the idea of romance in the movies and television will always be flawed for obvious reasons, 1.) it’s not real, it’s a movie 2.) women would get bored if their guy did any of those things and want/demand more and more and more, because we’re a walking, talking, breathing constant contradiction, we don’t know what we really want.

Ultimately trying to figure out what “we” want is a losing battle because we really don’t know. That’s why we seek the advice of our single whore covered girlfriends who couldn’t pick a good man if he stood in front of them waving an “I’m your perfect match “flag.

These are a few real life things that I think are romantic;

  1. Foot rubs after a long day
  2. Massages
  3. Social and political debates (Intellect is sexy to me, I’m weird)
  4. Geeking over video games and movies
  5. Cuddling under a blanket on the couch
  6. Taking a drive in the middle of the night for no reason
  7. Him calling me beautiful when I feel like I look like crap on a stick
  8. Long walks and sun sets.

Just to name a few, obviously romance isn’t one size fits all, but that’s exactly how it’s portrayed in the movies and television and that’s super annoying. It becomes this unrealistic standard pushed upon men.

I hate to place you all in a box, but men just aren’t capable of naturally and comfortably living up to those standards. If they could, we’d see it in real life more often, their ideas of romance are completely different and we as women should learn the differences between make believe romance and real life romance.




One thought on “Movie Romance≠Real Life Romance

  1. I agree with this completely – Hollywood presents an image of “romance” that is both unreasonable, and completely unappealing to me. I’m not exactly the romantic type, but even I can see this. I’m also not usually attracted to men, so a lot of the things Hollywood tells me I should like just don’t work. I think what I hate most about “Hollywood romance” is the fact that a) many women have been tricked into thinking it should work this way, and b) many men see these movies and accuse all women of wanting that. It turns people against each other, instead of teaching them to get to know and like each other for who they really are.

    I feel the same about flowers, food, and chocolate… I don’t really associate them with romance. And I hate being fed things… I don’t know why, but it makes me feel helpless instead of sexy. I like your list of romantic things – it’s perfectly rational, and fun. What I find romantic:

    • Yes, hooray for intellect ^-^!
    • Yes on foot rubs too, lol.
    • Doing science experiments together – it’s a lot fun, and that way I have a competent partner whom I trust.
    • Training/practicing martial arts together – again, a lot of fun, and it ensures I have a competent partner I trust.
    • Playing music together – same reason.

    Basically, my ultimate “romantic” fantasy is something like the two main characters from that movie/series “Ghost in the Shell”. I know that’s not really romantic (it’s basically sci-fi), but again, I’m not that romantic, lol.

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