I love my Troll… (I know you troll me #fact edition)


The petty mean girl in me needs to come out every so often (for entertainment purposes only) because I blocked my husbands troll on all other forms of social media except for this forum, I’m assuming every so often my husbands troll who has now become my troll (YAY) frequents this blog to see if I have any fancy words to say about him/her.

Fortunately for trolly (that’s what I’m going to call the troll from now on) I’m the MVP of team petty, so the petty mean girl in me trolls the troll. LOL it’s actually pretty hilarious and entertaining, I honestly only do it because I’m too damn nosy for my own good. I’m fully aware of the fact that my trolling of trolly makes me a hypocrite, but if you knew where your trolls lurked you’d troll them as well. #dontjudgeme

You might be asking, “T what’s the point?” well the point is the petty mean girl in me thinks it’s hilarious. We all have our forms of entertainment and going back and forth passive aggressively via subliminal shade within our respective forums with said troll is fun.

In the past I speculated without fact that trolly was trolling me, now I have proof and this is waaaay to much fun just to ignore.

I’ll leave the last few words of this post to immaturely taunt and provoke trolly…





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