Mummers ain’t shit


If you live in or near Philadelphia you should be aware of the fuckery that is the Mummers Parade. It takes place January 1st annually and as the years have progressed it has progressively gotten more racist as time goes by.

Grown ass drunk as white men get dressed up in sparkly, ethnically offensive costumes and strut their stuff down Market Street (in the past Broad Street) I personally don’t know many POC that frequent this parade, I mean if you’re asking to get mad and offended then by all means enjoy yo’self.

Mummers parade of past, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing said grown ass drunk ass white men dress up like “Native Americans”, and “Mexicans” I place the quotation marks because their idea of an Native Americans and a Mexican is every racial stereotype you can think of. I’m not sure who is the head fuckboy in charge of this fuckery, but he needs to have his ass kicked for allowing shit like this.

This year some of the grown ass drunk ass white men decided it was “smart” to dress in black-face and mock the #blacklivesmatter movement. #Pause

The problem I have isn’t with the assholes who thought it appropriate to dress in black-face, I have a problem with the media.

At the same time of this wack ass parade, a protest involving #blacklivesmatters and the Coalition for REAL Justice, they were protesting issues including police brutality, the public school funding crisis, minimum wage and military action in the Middle East. The news outlets in our area reported the “disruption” that this protest caused (which took place in front of city hall away from the parade, not in the middle of the parade off to the side in its own space) but not one headline from the local news outlets reporting the disrespect and pure hate/racism that took place within the parade from the actual “performers”.

I’m never surprised when white people do racist shit, no I don’t think all white people are racists, but the way my emotions are set up it’s best if I expect racist shit from them that way I won’t get in my feelings when some racist shit happens. #KevinHartReference

I just love our media, they’re fucking awesome, blacks protest against police brutality, and their interpretation of it is a “mob of thugs rioting”. An armed white militia takes over a federal building in Oregon stating they will use force if necessary i.e., they waitin’ for somebody to “jump” so they can shoot some shit and it’s a “quiet protest”. WHAT THE FUCK!



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  1. This is exactly why I stopped watching the mummers parade as soon as I moved out of my family’s house. Our mom used to force us all to watch it every year. And yes, every year it seemed to get more and more racist (and sexist). For some god-forsaken reason, my mom thought it would be a great idea for us to go see it as a family when I was only a year old. That was the very first time I heard the N-word; someone in the crowd used it as soon as we stood next to them (and they called my mom an “N-word-lover”). We went home immediately. I’m not surprised that this most recent incident happened, and I find myself hoping more and more every year that the whole stupid thing burns to the ground one of these days. I haven’t spoken with any of my white acquaintances (who haven’t already publicly condemned it) about this, because I’m too afraid. Most of them don’t support the concept of racism, but it’s very hard to get them to even admit when something unacceptable is happening… I can hear them and their paper-thin excuses now, “Well, maybe they didn’t mean to.” / “Maybe they didn’t know they were doing black-face.” / “Maybe they did it because they felt threatened.” I’m just as done with them as a I am this farce we call the “media”.

    1. Smh, those types of people that make excuses for racists are just as bad as the racists IMO. I don’t understand why the city stands behind the Mummers Parade, it’s a representation of the entire city. If what they want non-Philadelphian’s to believe the city condones and stands by blatant sexism and racism, well than they’re doing a bang up job. The worst part is that majority of the “performers” are civil servants; police officers and fire fighters. It’s really disgusting. And I’m with you I hate the media, hate is a strong word but explains exactly my feelings towards the pariah we call “media”.

      1. I agree – excusing racism is just as bad. This turn-a-blind eye type of behavior always reminds me of that speech/poem by Martin Niemöller called “First they came”.

        “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

        And yeah, the “parade” is a sham and makes the whole city look bad. The current state of our media is exactly why so many polls have shown that many people are now turning to comedy-based news outlets like “The Daily Show” for fact-based stories.

      2. Wow that speech really sums up why we all should take responsibility and speak even when that “something” doesn’t effect us directly. I like the Trevor Noah guy who took over the daily show. He has a 1 hour special that was funny and thought provoking.

      3. Yeah, Trevor Noah’s awesome. I remember when I first saw him do stand-up a few years ago, and wishing that he had an actual show on tv, lol. I saw his most recent comedy special “Lost in Translation” (it was great, and I think the cops and robbers joke was my favorite). I also saw his special “You Laugh, but it’s True.” It showed just how hard he’s worked to get where he is today, and the bitterness and hatred he’s experienced from well-established (older) white comedians in his home-country of South Africa.

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