Steve Harvey and Double Standards


Steve Harvey is a comedian turned game show host/actor/radio personality, with a nationally syndicated morning radio show.

On any given day I miss his show, except for the times I’m running late for work and ask hubby to drop me to the train. On those days we end up catching the portion of the radio show called “Strawberry Letters” (named for his co-host Shirley Strawberry). Listeners write in with various problems, some small and trivial, some crazy and almost soap opera like.

Let’s forget the obvious for a moment, which is these people are writing into a comedic radio morning show looking for real answers to real problems from a man who wrote a stupid book that was later adapted to film. He’s not a clinical psychologist, shit he doesn’t even have a degree in sociology, yet and still people feel the need to write letters looking for him to give them a profound answer to their problems.

I will admit, I listen for the comedy aspect, sometimes his responses are funny and honestly if you’re dumb enough to ask a comedian for life advice you deserve the answer you receive.

My problem with this part of the show is the blatant double standard present in his responses to women versus men; they write in with problems typically similar in nature.

If a cheating man writes in there are no snide remarks of how his self-esteem is low, he’s the problem and he needs to do better. It’s usually “don’t say nothing bruh, you better take that to your grave”.  He makes excuses for men, men have circles and they “talk” and a “man is going to be a man” and “men don’t make hoes into housewives” (which is funny considering if you were to ask his ex-wife whether or not his current wife was the hoe who stole her husband, I’m sure her answer would be yes). He’s speaking for an entire group, with no found facts just his on personal opinion/experiences, and honestly it’s disgusting.

Every man isn’t ok with treating women badly because they have sex with them. All men aren’t sitting around talking about their dirty dog deeds and how stupid women are. Every man is not preying on females with low or no self-esteem, and if I were a man I’d be insulted that he’s repeating such things. But then again his listener demographics I’m sure are majority women.

I just don’t understand why women listen to this man, let alone write in for his advice. His book “Act like a lady, Think like a man” was a antiquated take on relationships and the steps women should take basically to trap a man, because obviously the only way “we” can get a man is to trap him into thinking we’re someone we aren’t. #bullshit

It’s mind boggling to hear educated women (mainly black women) sing his praises after reading one of his stupid relationship/self help books. Why be duped by a brotha who is using your insecurities against you as a way to capitalize off of your want of knowledge or inside track of the opposite sex?

There is no inside track, the best way to get to know yourself and your man…is to get to know YOURself and YOUR man. Can’t nobody tell you what’s “inside” you when they’ve never met you. You’re a cash cow, Steve Harvey doesn’t give a shit about you, your problems or your relationships.

Your problems are just another way for him to make his coin. Stop being a means to an end for these celebrities folks.




7 thoughts on “Steve Harvey and Double Standards

  1. I didn’t know Steve Harvey was the one who wrote that book. I remember hearing about it, and then hearing about the film adaptation, and thinking it wasn’t worth my time. He’s clearly unqualified to be handing out this type of advice, and yet people eat it up. I have a hard time understanding why so many women would take like bees to honey to advice that destroys their self-esteem. Yes, “insulting” is definitely the appropriate word here – he separates men and women into two different (but equally primitive) camps… Apparently, men are savage beasts who can’t control themselves and have no shame (and should be excused instead of recuperated). And women are next to worthless, so they should focus the majority of their time, energy, and talent on figuring out how to trap and keep the elusive animal called man. Because what else would people be doing with their time and talent if they didn’t spend it all on tricking each other, make the world a better place? Everything always boils down to a battle of the sexes with him, and it’s poisoning people.

    It pains me to admit it, but yeah… if people are stupid enough to ask Steve Harvey’s opinion, fully knowing he’s unqualified, then they do deserve exactly what they get. I just don’t like how this type of thinking has effected my life in general (people can be as stupid and bigoted as they want, but I don’t want it in my space). This reminds me of a conversation my husband and his father had about 5 or 6 years ago. Right after he realized that we were serious about each other, he began telling my husband things like, “If you want things in life, all you have to do is get a woman to do it for you. You just walk up, flash a smile, wink, and tell her to do stuff for you.” (First off, let me just interject here and say I doubt life is that simple, but back to the conversation), My husband’s response, “Yeah dad, I’m not really interested in degrading myself like that.” His father’s utter shock was followed only by the sound of my husband hanging up the phone. He turned to me, and said he felt insulted and pimped-out. I hope ideas like Steve Harvey’s die out soon. We need to stop treating each other as less than human. As a species, we’ve been given a torch to carry that’s rich with history and full of potential, and we’re wasting it by acting like this.

    1. Exactly, it’s sad and distracting us from more important matters. I’m glad your husband had sense and a mind of his own, sheesh it’s a good thing we don’t think like our parents.

      1. Omg, yeah… I can’t even imagine what I’d be doing right now if I thought like my parents, but I know I ‘d be a lot worse off. And I’m glad he can think for himself too, lol. Otherwise, I’d have left a long time ago – his family tried so many manipulative tactics with him it isn’t funny. I’m really glad that he (and other people) saw how tacky, antiquated, belligerent they were. His father actually thought it was both acceptable and funny to sexually harass me in front of him. When my husband told him “hands off”, he tried to play it off like a joke.

      2. Wow, I think I’ve given up on trying to rationalize the actions of unreasonable people. Takes too much energy and ends up extremely frustrating.

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